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Red Raider Gridiron | Brewer's Spring Lesson and Walton to Transfer

QB Michael Brewer talks to the media about what he's learned this spring, while fellow quarterback Dustin Walton is set to transfer and the offensive line is progressing this spring.



We get to hear from QB Michael Brewer. Brewer doesn't say much in terms of content, but he does reveal that there is significantly more freedom in this offense than in Neal Brown's, which isn't a surprise. He also says that at Lake Travis, it was similar in that he also had some freedom. Remember that Brewer's coach at Lake Travis was a head coaching candidate at Texas Tech, Chad Morris. Brewer comments again about the pace of the game and how fast it is. He talks about being as mentally focused as possible and getting the right play and the right situation. Brewer says that this offense is quarterback friendly, but that it is an entirely new system.

Brewer is asked about what he's learned this spring and he says self-motivation. I'll get to this thought of self-motivation in a day or two, but this is absolutely the right answer for Brewer. No matter what Player A does, it is up to Player B to be better. Playing time should be the single greatest motivator for a college player.


WALTON TO TRANSFER | Per the DMN backup walk-on quarterback Dustin Walton announced that he is transferring to Colorado State-Pueblo to play and the article notes that he will be immediately eligible. The other note in the article that seemed to be a little bit under the radar is that senior walk-on Brant Costilla recently left the team. I wish both Walton and Costilla luck in their future endeavors.

This also means that the team only has four quarterbacks, Brewer, Davis Webb, Clayton Nicholas and walk-on Austin Barr. I had previously done a bit of research on Barr, but didn't do anything with it, but this seems like a good spot. Barr originally committed to and I think even maybe attended Holy Cross after graduating from Covenant Christian Academy in Southlake. He's a big guy, at 6-5, and he completed about 50% of his passes in high school.

OFFENSIVE LINE PROGRESSING | The LAJ writes about the progress that the offensive line is making this spring, in particular, they talk with LT Le'Raven Clark and offensive line coach Lee Hays. Here is Hays on Clark:

"I think what makes him special is his size and athletic ability,"Tech offensive line coach Lee Hays said. "But the things that jump out to me is how smart he is. He’s one of the smartest linemen I’ve ever coached. He’s a really, really sharp guy."

And here is Clark talking about how the young players are getting experience:

"We’re progressing further from where we were," Clark said. "Most of the guys don’t have a lot of experience outside of me and Beau Carpenter. Alfredo Morales does, but Alfredo is out right now. So we have a bunch of young guys getting used to it, getting used to the tempo and all the calls."

MOAR SCRIMMAGE THOUGHTS, PART II | From RP, there are some additional thoughts on the offensive line. Noting that Shawn Corker is really turning things up at receiver and that the linebackers that stood out to him were Micah Awe and Branden Jackson:

The two LBs that really stood out are Micah Awe and Brandon Jackson. Awe brought the lumber and hit everything around him. He’s easily the most physical player on the defense. Brandon Jackson also did some good things making adjustments when the offense moved around. His biggest play was reading and stopping a screen pass to Sadale Foster for a loss covering the slot receiver.