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Red Raider Gridiron | Kingsbury Continues to be Coach and Good-Looking

The RRG has more thoughts on the Friday night scrimmage including how Kingsbury continues to be both a coach and good-looking, thoughts on Davis Webb and Quinton White, Batch was back in Lubbock, and Stephens hopes to catch on with the Cowboys.

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KINGSBURY CONTINUES INCREDIBLE STREAK OF BEING GOOD-LOOKING AND COACH AT TEXAS TECH | I won't tire of these sorts of articles, at least until the offseason is over because the offseason is very long and I'll take any content that I can get, especially if I don't have to create it. The latest comes from AAS's Kirk Bohls, who wrote about, in part, about Kingsbury continuing to be good-looking and young. But I thought that this was actually the best and most revealing part:

For his part, Kingsbury’s more than a little uncomfortable with all the buzz surrounding his arrival. He nixed a request for cardboard cutouts of his likeness at retail stores around the state selling Red Raider merchandise. He probably won’t be on the cover of the fall media guide. He recognizes the fanfare and wants to do nothing to dampen the runaway enthusiasm, but a staffer said Kingsbury "learned a lot from Mike Leach" and he’d very much like to keep the focus on quarterback Michael Brewer and the task of rebuilding an offensive line that lost four starters and a scoring defense ranked 90th nationally that four times gave up 50 or more points in an 8-5 season.

If nothing else, Kingsbury does get that it's not about him. At least ultimately. That's not to say that you will still have a coach that is requested to do photo shoots and things of that nature, but ultimately, it is about what Kingsbury can coach the players to do on the field.

I also know that some of you are a bit uncomfortable with Bohls writing about Kingsbury and seems a bit out of place from the Austin paper writing about Kingsbury. There are a couple of things that I think are at play here. First, I think Bohls has a kiddo that is attending Texas Tech. He's had sit-downs with Hocutt before. I don't know if he's really tied into like other reporters, but he has a connection to Texas Tech.

Second, I think that Kingsbury is the antithesis of Mack Brown. For a lot of programs, they see Kingsbury and TAMU's Kevin Sumlin as the future, not Brown. There is a reason that Bohls wants to write this article and it is to be a burr in the side of Longhorn fans. I don't know if Kingsbury will work, but a lot of UT fans will agree that Brown and Deloss Dodds are very stuck in their ways and falling behind the times. Of course, this seems to fly in the face of what Texas Tech in hiring Tubby Smith, but we're talking about two very different programs at Texas Tech with a very different set of circumstances.

In any event, I don't think he's trying to gig, if you will, you or I, but his local audience

UPCOMING RED-BLACK GAME | I'm taking any and all thoughts about where we can do a meet up either before the Red-Black Game or afterwards. I almost always go to the Oyster Bar when I'm in Lubbock, so that's a possibility for me on Saturday night. I'm driving in early on Saturday morning so trying to really tailgate before the game isn't really likely, but at the very least, the rest of the afternoon is off. There's also a baseball game at 6:30 pm.

DEFENSIVE THOUGHTS | The LAJ has an article on the defense from Friday's scrimmage. We really didn't get to hear about the defense on Saturday morning and this article was out yesterday. I'm trying to formulate my expectations for the defense this year, but want to wait until I see it for myself.

MOAR SCRIMMAGE THOUGHTS | RP has some thoughts on why they think that QB Davis Webb is an option at quarterback. I think we really need to tap the breaks on this as Webb has failed to complete his passes higher than 50% (it's been right about there, but it needs to be closer to 60%). I think it is dangerous to build up any player this much because then fans have unrealistic expectations of that player later down the road and then the player is a failure because of those artificial expectations. I think that it sorta sets up for a lose-lose proposition and would rather just let the player develop without making him out to be the best and most unique quarterback that has ever been on campus (I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea). I hope like heck that Webb is good and great and if he plays this year, then that's great, but I think a lot would have to happen for that to be the case.

WHITE PUSHING FOR PLAYING TIME | The DMN had a quick little post about RB Quinton White, who had a fantastic scrimmage on Friday. I thought the story between high school teammates J.J. Loller and White was pretty good:

"I found some tape and I put it in his locker," Lollar said. "I taped the Double-T on his locker and he told me after I did that, ‘I’m not taking that down. If they offer me that’s where I’m going to go.’ We were hoping he’d get an offer, that way he could come. He’s always wanted to come there since third grade.

"After he committed to Tech he ran through the field house trying to find me. I was on the scale weighing myself and he ran in there and jumped on me. He was almost in tears he was so excited that he had gotten offered and committed to them."

HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER IN FLORIDA OFFERED | I really don't care about stuff like this, especially for a 2016 recruit, but Texas Tech apparently offered Florida WR Nate Craig. At some point today, there is a very good chance that this information will be behind a paywall.

LUBBOCK ARTS FESTIVAL WITH BATCH | Excellent article from the DT on former Red Raider Baron Batch being the headline artist with the Lubbock Art Festival this past weekend.

STEPHENS HOPING TO CATCH ON | The FWST has a short bit from RB Eric Stephens who hopes to get an opportunity with the Dallas Cowboys.