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Sunday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-04-13

Morning links: odds and ends, tennis, golf, track and field, soccer, softball, women's basketball and baseball.

ODDS AND ENDS | Yesterday was a fun day. To catch everyone up, I've got a three year old that is obsessed with Thomas The Train. Thomas, a real live version, was in Grapevine yesterday and my wife and I took him to see the train. He was in awe and he talked about riding Thomas the rest of the day. By the time we got done and into the car, he was asleep in 5 minutes.

I also know there are a couple of football articles that I'm saving for tomorrow, including this LAJ article about the defense from Friday.

TENNIS | Both tennis teams did well this weekened. The ladies beat #50 Kansas 5-2 and the men beat Oklahoma St. 6-1.

GOLF | The men are in contention to win the William Morris Invitational. Kinda wish this was the Zack Morris Invitational.

TRACK AND FIELD | I can't keep track of everything happening with the track team, but the official site can as well as the LAJ.

SOCCER | The soccer team is playing in Houston for a couple of matches and beat Rice yesterday, 4-2.

SOFTBALL | The #1 Sooners won game 2 yesterday, 6-0. The LAJ recaps the game.

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | Congrats to former Red Raider Sheryl Swoopes for being named the head coach at Loyola-Chicago! I find this interesting for some reason.

BASEBALL | The baseball team hosts Lubbock Christian for one game today @ 6:30 pm. The LAJ writes that the team hopes that this game can be the spark to turn around this season.