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Friday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-04-12

Morning links: odds and ends, tennis, softball, men's basketball and football.


ODDS AND ENDS | This was pretty cool. This is a Kodachrome video of Victory over Japan Day in Honolulu. Another thing that I loved reading last night was this Vanity Fair true crime story about a murder in Beaumont. Just fascinating.

TENNIS | The men's tennis team hosts Oklahoma St. and Oklahoma this weekend. The DT has a preview. The women's team will travel to Kansas this weekend to take on the Jayhawks. Good luck to all!

SOFTBALL | The softball team hosts #1 Oklahoma this weekend. The LAJ has an article about how they are using superstition to get out of slumps.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | VTM's very own Courtney Harris answered some "man on the street" questions for the DT.

FOOTBALL | Not that you need a reminder, but there is an open scrimmage tonight at 8:00 pm. It is open to the public. RP has an article on the quarterback competition. The DMN broke the news that Danny Amendola's father, who was a head coach at Spring Dekaney, Willie Amendola, is suing Cowboys Stadium after a golf cart ran over him in December of 2011.