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Where Should Kingsbury Rank in Coach Rankings for Big 12 and Nationally?

Athlon's has ranked all the coaches of the Big 12 and nationally. Our hero, Kliff Kingsbury, is ranked 9th in the Big 12 and 66th nationally.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Athlon Sports ranked the Big 12 coaches and our dear head coach came in at 9th overall, just ahead of Kansas head coach Charlie Weis. Here's part of their rational:

Kingsbury joined Kevin Sumlin’s staff at Houston in 2008 and worked his way through the ranks, before becoming the Cougars’ offensive coordinator and guiding quarterback Case Keenum to nearly 20,000 career passing yards. Kingsbury followed Kevin Sumlin to Texas A&M and produced a successful one-year stint as the offensive coordinator, which resulted in a Heisman Trophy winner (Johnny Manziel). Kingsbury is young and unproven as a head coach, but he is the perfect fit at Texas Tech. For a program that never really embraced Tommy Tuberville, the Red Raiders are in good hands with one of college football’s rising stars at head coach.

As you have already noticed, that quoted language is neither a reason or not a reason for Kingsbury to be 9th among Big 12 coaches.

Perhaps more alarming is that Athlon has also ranked all 125 college coaches and you may not like what you read. They have Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville being ranked as the 43rd best football coach and Kingsbury as the 66th best.

I don't know how to rank Kingsbury since he has zero track record. Zero wins. Zero losses. He is an unknown at this point. What I can determine, Kingsbury is the highest ranked head coach in Athlon's rankings that has zero head coaching experience, so I think that's a tip of the hat to Kingsbury and that they believe in what he's going to do.

Heck, even taking the ranking alone, without having ever coached a game, he's in the top half of the rankings.

So now, I open up the floor to you. Do you think that the national ranking is accurate? How would you rank the Big 12 coaches?