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Monday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-04-01

Morning links: odds and ends, track and field, tennis, softball, baseball, football and men's basketball.

ODDS AND ENDS | Thanks to everyone for their good thoughts on the murder of the Kaufman County District Attorney, Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia. For those of you that are completely lost, I'm an attorney in Kaufman County, but I didn't know Mike all that well. I have met Mike and shook his hand at public functions and parties. My wife and my mom knew Cynthia from being part of the county quilting group. Please divert your good thoughts to their five kids and the other folks in the law enforcement side of things in Kaufman County. I don't really know how to talk about this situation. This is, obviously, a very nervous situation for a lot of people in this community. People shouldn't have to die for doing their jobs.

TRACK AND FIELD | Again, I haven't had time to figure out everything that happened, but the official site has a story on the conclusion of the Texas Relays.

TENNIS | The men's team blanked Louisville, 7-0 yesterday. The #18 women's team beat #25 Oklahoma St. team and are undefeated in conference play right now. Woot!

SOFTBALL | Texas Tech won the first game handily, but the second game was suspended due to rain and Oklahoma St. and Texas Tech picked things back up on Saturday to finish the second game. OSU won the second game in the 10th inning and also won the third game on Saturday, 4-1.

BASEBALL | I didn't get a chance to update the weekend series post against TCU until today, but the Red Raiders lost 7-3 on Saturday, but was able to salvage a win yesterday, 8-7. The LAJ has recaps of the second and third game.

FOOTBALL | RP previews the offensive line.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | There's no news this morning, which isn't a surprise since it was the Easter weekend, but I do think something is going to happen soon. Just call it a gut feeling, but I think Tubby Smith is going to be Texas Tech's next head coach. Be prepared.

One other side note, which is that it is April Fool's Day. I don't do April Fool's Day tricks or posts. My gut thoughts about the men's basketball job isn't a joke or intended to be a lead-up to some April Fool's Day post where I attempt to pull down your pants on the internet.