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Kennedy Kithuka Is 5,000 Meter NCAA National Champion

Texas Tech's Kennedy Kithuka wins a National Championship!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

That's right. Kennedy Kithuka gets his own post as he's a freaking NCAA 5,000 meter National Champion. I don't really know if we can appreciate how rare that is, but I don't think that Kithuka has lost a race the entire year. That's staggering for me to consider, but simply amazing. Here is the incredibly humble Kithuka:

"It was a good meet today. My Plan was to become a national champion today and represent Texas Tech, my family, and my coach and that is what I did today" Kithuka said after the race.

And to top it all off, he is also going to run the 3,000 meter, so he could have two National Championships by the time this weekend is done.