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Preview and Game Thread | Texas Longhorns vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Texas Longhorns travel to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech on senior day for the Red Raiders.

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Texas Longhorns (14-16, 6-11)

Texas Tech Red Raiders (10-18, 3-14)

March 9, 2013 @ 3:00 pm

United Spirit Arena | Lubbock, TX

TV: Big 12 Network | Radio: Affiliates

Probable Starters

Myck Kabongo (6-1/180)


Josh Gray (6-1/175)

Demarcus Holland (6-2/170)


Dusty Hannahs (6-4/210)

Ioannis Papapetrou (6-8/225)


Jamal Williams, Jr. (6-4/190)

Jonathan Holmes (6-7/239)


Jordan Tolbert (6-7/225)

Connor Lammert (6-9/232)


Dejan Kravic (6-11/240)


Win one, lose one. Win one, lose one. Win one, lose one. Win one . . . That's the current streak that the Longhorns are on and if the pattern holds true, then maybe Texas Tech gets a win. Texas got back Myck Kabongo 7 games ago and he is averaging 37 minutes a game and 17 PPG, shooting 50% from the field.

The thing that I can't figure out is how the Longhorns are 14-16 overall and 6-11 in non-conference play. This isn't a situation where they don't have talent, maybe they don't have enough. I thought Barking Carnival's post on UT and Baylor being at the crossroads as a program was terrific:

Here's what's really scary for both coaches: they might have less talent next season and both are "less with more" guys rather than "more with less". The Longhorns probably can't count on Kabongo coming back, not after his last run-in with the NCAA, and we've all seen what can happen to Barnes' offenses when there isn't high-level NBA talent on hand to bail it out. I like Papi as much as anyone, but (barring a recruiting miracle) 2014 will be one of the only seasons at Texas Barnes hasn't had a sure-fire first-rounder on his roster. Drew, meanwhile, is going to have to figure out how to win games for the first time in four years without a potential lottery pick upfront in Ekpe Udoh, PJ3 or Austin. There will still be a good amount of talent at both schools, but it certainly won't be overwhelming.

Defensively, UT is still very good 12th in the country in opponent field goal percentage and opponent three-point field goal percentage. That stellar defense hasn't been enough to out-do the less than stellar offense, but that may change with Kabongo's presence.


This is a totally winnable game, but I think that UT still has more talent, so I'm not sure what that means. UT has more 4-star type players than Texas Tech has and Kabongo who is projected to go into the first round in the NBA draft. Texas Tech doesn't have any player remotely close to Kabongo's talent. UT may not have the talent that they always have, but they still have more talent that Texas Tech. So I don't know what that says in that we, as Texas Tech fans, think that this is an absolutely winnable game. The Longhorns are still favorted by 4 to 6 points and if we're looking at this game objectively, UT has won 3 more conference games than Texas Tech. They're just better.

So how do I beat the Longhorns? If it's me, I do my absolute best to shut-down Kabongo and get the ball inside. I think that without starting Cameron Ridley and starting Lammert, I think that Kravic has a distince advantage down low. Let's take advantage of that.


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