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Where Do You Stay Texas Tech Fans?

With Texas Tech moving a game to Thursday night, we're all curious as to how far away do Texas Tech fans live from Lubbock.

Oli Scarff

With new news that broke yesterday, about the TCU home game being moved to a Thursday night game, a terrific discussion broke out yesterday about the pros and cons of moving the game to a Thursday night. On one hand, there was the side that said that the additional exposure will be terrific. On the other hand, those that travel to these sorts of games from fairly significant distances will now not be able to travel on a Thursday night and take off of work for two days (Thursday and Friday).

So I was curious as to where the populous of VTM actually lives. I was thinking about doing a poll in two different ways, one way would be to have options such as 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc., away, but I also sorta wanted to know where people stay, as far as major cities.

Trying to include every possible major city is going to take a bit more time to compile, so for now, I'd love to know how far away you live from Lubbock.