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Reviewing the Redshirts | WR Reginald Davis

Fans tend to forget about the players that redshirted the previous year. This is an attempt to remind you about those players.

Scott Barbour

PLAYER: Reginald Davis

POSITION: Receiver
HEIGHT: 6’0"
HIGH SCHOOL: Tenaha (Tenaha, TX)

Davis is one of those rare talents where you hope that his athletic ability is on pace with what he shows on film. Much like Dee Paul from the 2013 class, Davis was the 1A super-star of the 2012 class, leading his Tenaha team to a state title and beating Paul’s Munday team last year. Both teams actually played again this year and Munday won. Davis' Texas Tech profile is about on par with the recruiting information, although he may be an inch or so shorter.

When this is how Davis’ official bio reads, it’s always a bit depressing:

. . . son of the late Reginald Davis and the late Denita Steadman . . .

Don’t feel sorry for Davis, he’s apparently a good kiddo that has had some set-backs in life, but has done quite a bit with what he’s been given:

When Tenaha WR Reginald Davis was two years old his Mom died. Six years later, his Dad passed on as well. Eventually, he moved in with his Grandmother, who raised him until she passed away when he was 13. She left him a trailer house and a broken down car that ran half the time, and he’s raised himself for the most part. Through all this, the kid has never been in trouble and will graduate near the top of his class. He wants to major in Engineering in college.

So what’s the upshot for 2013 for Davis. I really like Davis, but I also know that learning the receiver position takes time. It may take him another year to figure things out, or he may be a guy that is completely ahead of the curve and has figured out how to play the position. There is a need at outside receiver, which is where I think that Davis is slotted to play. With the graduation of Darrin Moore, Marcus Kennard, and Alex Torres there is a real opportunity to play. The biggest competition for Davis is fellow redshirt Dominique Wheeler, Javon Bell and Bradley Marquez (with Eric Ward being the incumbent).