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Red Raider Gridiron | TMZ and VTM, Marquez is Healthy and Quinn Visits

The gossip website TMZ contacts VTM, Bradley Marquez is healthy and Louisiana WR Trey Quinn visits Lubbock.

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WATCH THE VIDEO | You may not be able to stand up after watching, but you'll really enjoy it.

TMZ HAS CONTACTED VTM | So a couple of days ago, I was sent an email from someone from TMZ, which is pretty awesome in itself, but it was done with the thought of promoting their website with a story about a former Red Raider and an answer to a question. The set-up apparently is that former Red Raider Michael Crabtree was having dinner with Dez Bryant. Scandalous. In any event, here is the text of the email and when I clicked the link, it is also the story:

Michael Crabtree's ego has fully recovered from that huge blown call that cost him the Super Bowl -- because he now boldly predicts ... he is the FUTURE OF THE NFL!

The funniest part is ... we weren't even talking about him when he said it.

Here's the scene: the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver was leaving BOA Steakhouse with Dallas Cowboys stud receiver Dez Bryant last night -- and we asked the young stars about NFL rule changes intended to protect players from head injuries.

Neither guy replied ... so we moved on to another topic.

Now, let's play this like "Jeopardy."

Crabtree's answer is ... "You ever seen the future of the NFL? The 2 hottest receivers in the game?"

So, what was the question?

Hint: it has NOTHING to do with Crabtree's or Bryant's talents ... but it IS a hot topic in the NFL.

Aww yeah, you have to watch the video to find out. Pretty good little trick. Pretty good little trick.

QUINN VISITS | I've sorta been sitting on this because I am 40 years old (or so) and I have a real problem re-Tweeting high school kiddos and to be truthful, this is also the reason that I don't follow any of the players and even feel creeping re-Tweeting player Tweets. So I don't do this. I also don't think that I could really handle my timeline if it was filled with high school and college kids. Anyway, NOLA reports that Lake Charles WR Trey Quinn took a visit to Lubbock and I do love the photo that Quinn took with Eric Morris.

CONTENDER OR PRETENDER. DUM. DUM. DUM. | ESPN asks a simple question. Where do you get your energy. Forget that, they ask if Texas Tech is a contender or a pretender. Prepare for a debate.

MARQUEZ HEALTHY | RP talked with WR Bradley Marquez, who says he's finally healthy:

"He comes from Lake Travis and that’s a program everybody really knows well across Texas and even nationwide. He comes from that program so he’s been trained well since high school and he prepares himself every day since he’s been here. I think this is his third spring ball that he’s going through and it’s finally his time. He’s had his time to wait, and right now we’re excited about him. We’re ready to see him back on the field in game-time situations, but definitely that competitive nature, that winning attitude and athleticism would be what he brings."

Marquez also talked about his baseball future, and I really hope he can manage both:

"Baseball’s definitely in my future. Just like both sports. I’ve been doing them both and I feel like I try to dedicate myself to both of them. The Mets are a great organization and they’ve done a lot for me. They’re the ones putting me through school and stuff so baseball is definitely a big part of my life as much as football. It just so happens that I have to go to school and spend a lot more time here than at baseball going into summer, but definitely not one over the other right now."