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Red Raider Gridiron | Notebook Items: Football is Fun, Recruiting Success, Out of State Recruiting and Media Access

A notebooky list of items to link and discuss including football being fun, figuring out what is recruiting success, what out of state area is important and the lack of media access.



I initially didn't think there was enough information for a full football post, but it's the internet. There are no limits.

FOOTBALL IS FUN | A lot of football players were not happy this past year. This is not news to me, but that's just me. On Tuesday Bleacher Reports Michael Felder wrote about a Terrance Bullitt tweet where he acknowledged the fact that last year wasn't fun. Yes, I'm linking to B/R because Felder is a talented writer that works for B/R. Yes, I'm torn, but I like the way Felder writes and his article is more from a former player that went out there every day and worked. Then, yesterday, the DMN writes about Bullitt's tweet without attribution to Felder for the idea. I find that coincidental.

WHAT IS RECRUITING SUCCESS | SB Nation College Football Recruiting asks what is success for the head coaches in terms of recruiting and notes that there is work to be done in order to turn around what Tuberville left behind.

WHAT OUT OF STATE AREA IS IMPORTANT | I don't know if I understand this, but 24/7 Sports asks what out of state areas are most important to the Big 12 and the writer chooses the great state of Oklahoma. This is not the right answer. I like Oklahoma and I spent three of the best years of my life in Tulsa, but Oklahoma is not a recruiting hot-bed. Texas Tech has one scholarship player from Oklahoma, Tre' Porter. This is lazy analysis and makes a call-back to Wes Welker being from Oklahoma, so it must be right. I don't know what the most important out of state area, but the truth of the matter is that there really isn't an out of state area that is the most important. Georgia seemed to fit the bill this past recruiting class as Texas Tech had four players from Georgia sign letters of intent, but Tuberville could never really make in-roads in SEC country like I think he wanted to do. Kingsbury did it in a month.

MEDIA ACCESS | RP's Joe Yeager wonders why the media isn't being given access after over a decade of pretty much complete access (Leach and Tuberville allowed pretty free access) and as long as Kingsbury makes himself, other coaches from time to time and players available after practice, then this really isn't a story at all. RP also has a spring preview of the receivers.