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Tuesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-26

Morning links: odds and ends, tennis, golf, baseball, men's basketball and football.

I'm running a bit late today so there won't be a separate football post this morning.

ODDS AND ENDS | SB Nation takes a look at the country's most awesome college, Florida Gulf Coast University.

TENNIS | The tennis team will host Fresno St. at noon rather than later in the afternoon on Wednesday.

GOLF | The men's team is 9th in the Memphis Intercollegiate heading into the final day.

BASEBALL | The baseball team lost a close game yesterday, 7-6, to New Mexico St. I will say that it sounds as if the team had some travel issues coming from Morgantown as they appeared to be still traveling to Las Cruces as late as the early afternoon.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | At this point, I really don't know what is going on. I don't think it is a coincidence that both Steve Alford and Michael White received extensions since their names have come up in regards to other programs. I mentioned La. Tech's White on Saturday or Sunday morning and then, sure enough, his contract was extended. At this point, I can't imagine that it isn't anyone but Walker, but I don't know.

There were comments yesterday about other things getting in the way and I'm not a subscriber, so I really don't know. The only thing that I think I know is that Chris Walker, Michael White and Steve Alford are all the types of coaches that AD Kirby Hocutt has seemed to target, while some of the other candidates don't seem to fit that mold. You could also add Scott Sutton in that group (he's the one that has been at Oral Roberts for a long time). Barry Hinson, Steve McClain, and Doc Sadler have all had some success, but nothing special. The new Texas Tech president chimed in on the matter, saying that he trusts that Hocutt is doing a good job.

Meanwhile, Kimball SG Keith Frazier is apparently waiting on Texas Tech's decision regarding Walker, which I thought was going to happen. Frazier probably tried to give Walker as much opportunity as possible to be named, but at some point, he wanted to make a decision and that day is looming. Thursday. And now, it's down to SMU and Texas Tech.

FOOTBALL | Per the LAJ, head coach Kliff Kingsbury is not ever going to utilize the sand pit that Leach made famous:

"We won’t have a sand pit," Kingsbury said. "I don’t know what we’ll have, but we won’t bring that back. That was a lot of trouble. I just have different philosophies on that, and we handle that in a different way," he said, "but it definitely worked. You watch those guys out there in that sand pit, (and) they did not want to be in it again."

I really didn't care one way or another, my only real thought was that Kingsbury didn't need to bring things back just because that's how Leach did them. That didn't seem fair to Kingsbury, but he seems unaffected by those sorts of thoughts. He's pretty much doing what he wants, and that's fine by me. I think, generally speaking, Kingsbury might be influenced more by Sumlin than by Leach (this really isn't a stretch) on how to run a program. Leach was at the forefront of the type of offense that Kingsbury runs, but like Holgorsen, is and will put his own spin on things. I really do think that it is better not to have a true copy-cat and would rather have a guy that's trying to be different. An innovator.

The LAJ also has a notebook with an idea as to the offensive line depth chart:

Left tackle: Le’Raven Clark, So.; Matt Wilson, So.
Left guard: Beau Carpenter, Jr.; Wayne Foster, So.
Center: Jared Kaster, So.; Tony Morales, So.
Right guard: James Polk, Jr.; Kyle Clark, Sr.
Right tackle: Rashad Fortenberry, Sr.; Trey Keenan, Fr.

This is Wayne Foster.

A couple of quick links. Dr. Saturday has a spring preview. ESPN has players that need to take steps forward. SB Nation took a look at the most penalized conferences by game, but I'd love to see this broken down by "per play" rather than "per game.