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Sunday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-24

Morning links: women's basketball, softball, tennis, track and field, baseball and football.


WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | It's these sorts of mornings where it is tough to write, but here we are. Texas Tech loses to South Florida, 71-70. Here's head coach Kristy Curry:

I really appreciate our crowd, I thought they were incredible. We appreciate their love and support. I was proud of this team I thought they gave them everything they had, we just weren't able to make a few plays down the stretch. As hurt as we are right now and disappointed, I certainty don't want to take away from the year that these kids have had and I'm very proud of them and I'm proud to be their coach and I'm proud the way they represent the Double-T.

I often wondered and thought through the season if this team was ultimately flawed for NCAA competition because of the complete lack of height on the team. This situation wasn't helped by having Shauntal Nobles out all year. Most teams in the NCAA aren't starting four guards and I don't think that this was the downfall of this team last night, but I never thought that this team would be able to go very far because of the lack of any inside presence so maybe I just wasn't expecting all that much. The LAJ has a handful of articles:

* South Florida sinks Lady Raiders in opening round of NCAA Tournament | Red Raiders
* Curry discusses future of program | Red Raiders
* NCAA notebook: Baker plays big despite fouling out | Red Raiders

The one thing that I wanted to note was something that I thought I have had correct for quite some time, but did not. I had originally thought that current AD Kirby Hocutt had signed head coach Kristy Curry to her current extension, but the article lined above regarding the future of the program states that it was former AD Gerald Myers that finalized the contract extension. I think I've always had that as something that Hocutt negotiated, but I think I may be wrong about that.

TRACK AND FIELD | Sprinter Cierra White broke two schools records, the 100m and 200m yesterday at UTEP.

TENNIS | The men's team whipped up on New Mexico St. 7-0 yesterday.

SOFTBALL | The softball split games yesterday with Boise St., winning 3-2 and then losing 4-2. Conference play is up next.

BASEBALL | As always, I've updated the VTM baseball post, but the baseball team split the double-header yesterday, winning the second game of the series 6-4 in 10 innings and losing the third game 3-1. You can read the LAJ recap the games.

FOOTBALL | I did a Q&A with Saturday's Edge about Texas Tech's spring football. Go check it out. In other news, the LAJ has a bit on the uniform situation. The double-t will be the primary mark on the helmets this year, but there may be added elements going forward. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who knows a thing or two about looking good, thinks that it matters how you look on the field as well:

"I think in this day and age, with social media and all the things going out there, that the product you put on the field — the way you look, the way you play — is a big deal," he said. "So we want to make sure all facets of our game are going strong."

Hocutt confirms that there will be two completely new uniform combinations and also confirms that Kingsbury cannot exceed the budget, but he can seek donations for anything over the budget.