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Red Raider Hardball | Texas Tech vs. West Virginia

The Texas Tech travel to Charleston to play West Virginia for their second Big 12 series of the season.

Texas Tech (15-8, 2-1) vs. West Virginia (8-12, 1-2)
Official Site Notes: Here
Location: Appalachian Power Park | Charleston, WV
Radio: Affiliates

I think West Virginia hired a top assistant from TCU, so the Mountaineers are trying to make baseball a priority. I was also curious as to why Texas Tech and WVU were playing in Charleston. The difference in parks? Not sure. This is WVU's current stadium, which is pretty sad, and Appalachian Power Park is home to a minor league team, which is real nice. WVU is supposed to build a new baseball stadium too.

The LAJ article this morning focuses on reliever Jerad McCrummen and he gives his credit to pitching coach Ray Hayward:

"I think it goes back to (pitching coach Ray Hayward) coming in," McCrummen said. "He gives lot of personal attention on a daily basis one on one. We’re not just out there throwing 30 pitches in a bullpen. We’re constantly working on something. He’s given men the mental side, I believe, to go out there and be confident in whatever situation I’m in and to keep pitching."

OUTFIELD | LF: Zach Davis | CF: Brett Bell | RF: Devon Conley
INFIELD | 3B: Jake Barrios/Alec Humphreys | SS: Tim Proudfoot/Jake Barrios | 2B: Bryant Burleson | 1B Eric Gutierrez | C: Mason Randolph | DH: Jarrard Poteete

Game 1 Date and Time: March 22nd @ 5:30 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: RHP Dominic Moreno (2-1, 3.58)
West Virginia Starting Pitcher: LHP Harrison Musgrave (2-1, 5.16)
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 0, West Virginia 2 (official site)

Ugh. The offense managed just three hits the entire night and ruined what was a really good pitching performance by Moreno and reliever Justin Bethard. I had forgotten that Bethard was even on the roster and can't remember when he pitched last, but he was really good in relief with 2 hit and shutout ball. Again, the offense didn't do anything, so there's really nothing to write there and give credit to Musgrave who was just fantastic last night.

I should also note that they already know that there will be inclement weather on Sunday, so they have moved both games to today and will play a double-header.

Game 2 Date and Time: March 23rd @ 3:00 1:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: RHP Trey Masek (3-0, 0.22)
West Virginia Starting Pitcher: RHP Corey Walter (1-2, 5.60)
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 6, West Virginia 4 (10) (official site)

Jonny Drozd got the start here, which means that Masek didn't pitch this weekend because of soreness in his pitching arm, but is expected to start against TCU. Drozd pitched really well, but it was reliever Jerad McCrummen, who seems inconsistent, gave up all 4 runs in 1.2 innings worth of work. 3B Jake Barrios tripled to start the 10th inning and C Mason Randolph singled him home which ended up being the winning run. Reliever Andre Wheeler picked up the win.

Game 3 Date and Time: March 24th 23rd @ 12:00 4:00 pm
Texas Tech Starting Pitcher: RHP Matt Withrow (2-1, 5.73)
West Virginia Starting Pitcher: LHP John Means (2-1, 1.81)
Final Score & Box Score: Texas Tech 1, West Virginia 3 (official site)

Withrow did pitch well, but the offense left this team two out of three games, managing only 1 run in the first and third game and 7 total hits for the first and third game. Head coach Tim Tadlock has to get something going with the offense and create something when they're struggling at the plate. The Big 12 isn't going to get any easier and I believe that the next opponent is TCU, which had a rough time with Oklahoma this weekend.