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Reviewing the Redshirts | LB Kris Williams

Fans tend to forget about the players that redshirted the previous year. This is an attempt to remind you about those players.

This is Kris Commons of Celtic during the UEFA Champions League.
This is Kris Commons of Celtic during the UEFA Champions League.
Stu Forster

PLAYER: Kris Williams

POSITION: Linebacker
HEIGHT: 6’1"
HIGH SCHOOL: Bryan Adams (Dallas, TX)

So, I'm not totally sure what to do with Williams as I don't think he's quite big enough to play linebacker with the size that I think Wallerstedt and Smith will want at linebacker. For Tuberville, I think that Williams was ideally what he was looking for at linebacker. Smaller linebacker that might top out at 220 or 225 that was fast enough to get down the line of scrimmage. I really don't know, but I really don't think that Wallerstedt and Smith want 215 pound linebackers. This is a working theory, but I think it's accurate. We won't have to wait long to get an answer.

The interesting thing is that I found video of Smith playing receiver at Bryan Adams, and it sorta makes me wonder if he could play at safety? A big safety, but depending on Williams size, I think it's a possibility or at least something to consider. Williams' Texas Tech profile does have him weighing about 15 pounds heavier than as he committd.