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Thursday Morning Notes at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-21

Morning links: odds and ends, women's basketball, baseball, men's basketball and football.


ODDS AND ENDS | Totally Texas Tech has some new campus pictures! Some more miscellaneous things that I think can go here. Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel has a bit on how most athletic departments are dependent on the machine that is football. Matt Ufford writes for SB Nation and interviews Jay Bilas and he also writes for GQ and writes about the Iraq War.

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | The LAJ has NCAA Tournament notebook.

BASEBALL | The LAJ and the DT have articles as the baseball team will travel to Morgantown to take on West Virginia. I also found an article about Texas Tech commit Thaddius Lowry from Spring.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | I think some things are starting to fall into place. New Mexico and head coach Steve Alford signed a 10 year contract extension. It would not surprise me at all to know that Texas Tech reached out to Alford and then New Mexico stepped up. SG Keith Frazier was named the Dallas area player of the year by the DMN. The LAJ has a quick update, but there's really not much of an update. The Board of Regents is set to meet about the new President on Friday. I think that Chris Level mentioned that this may not happen until next week because of the Lady Raiders game, the baseball game, spring football starting Friday and this weekend.

FOOTBALL | For those of you that want football and none of that other stuff, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury talked with 1340 The Fan and Double T 104.3. If you think that Kingsbury has gone all Hollywood on us, then give those a listen. No jokes (well, minor jokes). No flat bill hat. No sunglasses. Straight football. He hasn't even had time to fill out a NCAA bracket. If you don't have the time listen, RRS and DMN transcribed some of the quotes from the 104.3 article.

"We're all thrilled," Kingsbury said. "I think it's been an intense process and all these coaches want to get out on the field with their players and start building those relationships. We've certainly gotten to know them, but you find out so much more once you get them onto the field. We're all excited around here and can't wait to get it started."

The LAJ has an article on what you need to know heading into the spring. RP has a spring preview of the quarterbacks. 24/7 Sports has sleepers heading into the spring for all Big 12 teams and thinks it could be LB Kahlee Woods.