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Wednesday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-20

Morning links: tennis, women's basketball, track and field, NCAA thoughts, baseball, men's basketball and football.


TENNIS | Congrats to Samantha Adams for being named the Big 12 Player of the Week! In other good news, the women's team has moved up to #20 and the men's team moved up to #42.

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | Congrats to former Red Raider, Alesha Robertson, for being named the Wayland Baptist University new head coach.

TRACK AND FIELD | The track and field teams are in the preseason top 20 for next year (I have no idea how this works).

NCAA THOUGHTS | I haven't had the time to get into this, but earlier this week, Big Ten commish Jim Delany said that the Big Ten was considering the Division III model if the O'Bannon case ends up beating the NCAA in their lawsuit. I'd just point you to EDSBS and MGoBlog for some good thoughts on the matter. Also on the NCAA, I enjoyed this New Yorker article on Marshall Henderson and the NCAA. Last, but not least, I thought this Barking Carnival on the crumbling UT athletic department was just fantastic.

BASEBALL | I completely forgot to put up a post yesterday for the baseball game last night, but the Red Raiders took on the #20 Arizona St. Sun Devils and won in walk-off fashion (official site). Texas Tech was two runs down in the 9th inning and essentially walked home as there were some walks, a hit by pitch and wild pitch and by the end of the game Scott LeJeune walked in the last at bat of the game, sending home Jarrard Poteete. The LAJ, DT and another DT article recap the game. These mid-week games are always tough, especially considering how Jonny Drozd pitched on Sunday helping to secure that win against UT. Also, I think that Texas Tech won 2 of 3 against Arizona St. Here's head coach Tim Tadlock:

"The hardest thing is when the bases are loaded and everyone is moving. It's pretty much out of your hands so you just have to sit back and watch. It was neat really there in the end. Their pitcher competed and he was trying. He did allow some free base runners. He walked four in an inning. He gave us some opportunity. Good teams, when given the extra opportunity, take advantage of it. Barrios getting hit by a pitch there was huge. Mason Randolph walking was huge. Obviously that plate appearance there for the end of the game was huge too. You really can't say anything about the entire inning that wasn't huge. We lost that at-bat with Proudfoot. We made him make a lot of pitches. The more pitches he throws in the inning, the more chances you have."

I also ran across this article from the Farmington Daily Times on Friday starter Dominic Moreno.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | I don't necessarily know the time-line, but from what I can tell, I ran across this story from Adam Zagoria on Sheridan Hoops about how SG Keith Frazier has narrowed his choices down to three teams, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and SMU. Frazier, earlier this spring, had UT on his list. UT then received a commitment from SG DeMarcus Croaker. I don't think that was coincidence. In the Sheridan Hoops article, there's this:

Speculation out of Texas has Frazier and Kimball Union coach Royce Johnson going in a package deal to Tech.

Royce Johnson has been investigated for recruiting players to Kimball and this is the way of the world of AAU (Part I and Part II).

FOOTBALL | The LAJ spoke with head coach Kliff Kingsbury and the headline was about how he didn't want to play Texas A&M until Johnny Manziel leaves. I think that Kingsbury was joking a bit and thought these quotes were more indicative of how Kingsbury really feels:

"I would think soon," Kingsbury said. "Like I said, Kirby’s excited about it. I’m excited about it, so hopefully we can come to an agreement and get that thing rolling. I just think it’s a great thing for the state. It’s a great rivalry, a great football game and it would be great for Texas."

I think it would be a good thing too and I think what's really happening here is that Kirby sees an opportunity to re-start a state rivalry, while the Longhorns are being obstinate.

A couple of miscellaneous links. RRS is continuing their positional previews with the defensive line. I really wasn't going to do something like this until after the spring since there would most likely be some position changes. The DMN has an article on young coaches. I feel like this has been written a handful of times. Also, the DMN has a profile on Texas Tech commit L.J. Collier.