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Hey Girl | Still Got It

Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury threw out the first pitch as Texas Tech hosted Arizona St., and it's everything you'd imagine.

Mike Stobe

I'm thinking that this series is going to be "Hey Girl" because, and don't ask me why I know this, is Ryan Gosling's meme, and for some reason, it seems appropriate here.

The first is from @TexasTechVideo:

And the incredibly hard-working @ScottLacefield:

And the the best for last, from @BlayneBeal:

Let's count all of the things that you and I should not even begin to try to pull.

  • Cuffed jeans? You know it. And don't try that at home, you'll be mocked.
  • Flat bill hat? Well, hell yes.
  • Wayfarer sunglasses? Always.

#wreckem Coach Kingsbury.