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Sunday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-17

Morning links: golf, track and field, tennis, softball, and men's basketball.

VOLLEYBALL | Quick story on the volleyball team finishing their trip in Hawaii (official site).

GOLF | The ladies team held on and won the Mountain View Collegiate Invitation title (official site). Congrats!

TRACK AND FIELD | The track teams have started in San Diego (official site).

TENNIS | The men's team advances to the finals of the Blue Gray National Tennis Classic beating Cornell and will face Boise St. in the final match (official site). The ladies will start conference play against Oklahoma today at 1:00 pm (official site). LAJ's George Watson previews that ladies conference match.

SOFTBALL | The softball team gets an 8-0 win against Buffalo (official site) and actually loses a game, they had won 10 in a row, against San Diego St. 3-0 (official site).

MEN'S BASKETBALL | I'll update yesterday's post, but I think LAJ's Nick Kosmider article was updated in that they listed who specifically was fired as of yesterday:

The staff members let go: Assistant coaches Jeremy Cox and Bubba Jennings, director of basketball operations Craig Wells, assistant director of operations Jim Shaw, director of video production Josh Mills and assistant director of video production Derrick Jasper.