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Friday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-15

Morning links: odds and ends, golf, softball, track and field, and men's basketball.



ODDS AND ENDS | TTU Red has some new campus photos over up at Totally Texas Tech. Go check it out!

I didn't think this needed a category, but per DMN's Chuck Carlton, Texas Tech AD would be willing to listen to Texas A&M about playing in every sport. I'd be fine with that:

"We would welcome the opportunity to play Texas A&M in every sport," Hocutt said, adding that no conversations were taking place. "It was a fun rivalry, a good rivalry and one in the future that we can begin again."

He said Tech had talked about a home-and-home football series with Cincinnati, which hired former Tech coach Tommy Tuberville.

"We asked. They declined," Hocutt said. "It was a series that was even discussed prior to Tommy getting the Cincinnati job. After he got the job, they had no interest in continuing the talks."

GOLF | The Lady Raider golf team is in Tuscon, Arizona to defend their title at the Mountain View Invitational (official site).

SOFTBALL | The softball team is set to play in the San Diego State Classic (official site).

TRACK AND FIELD | The track team is set to start the outdoor season in San Diego (official site).

MEN'S BASKETBALL | Welp. I don't care what anyone says, I still loved getting that win against West Virginia. Yesterday afternoon, Texas Tech was blown out to Kansas, 91-63 (official site). Same story as a good part of the season, close at halftime but ended up being a blowout. LAJ's Nick Kosmider recaps the game. There are a couple of articles from Hocutt where he praises head coach Chris Walker and the search begins for Texas Tech's next head coach (LAJ and DMN) and this is from the LAJ article:

"Chris is a leader," Hocutt said. "Chris has used this opportunity to serve as our interim head coach, as an opportunity to have a very positive impact on the lives of the young men on our team. Chris has played basketball at the highest level in the collegiate game and understands it, understands young men today. He’s used this opportunity to make what I believe is a life-long impression on the guys in that locker room. I appreciate the way that he has handled everything."