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Thursday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-03-14

Morning links: odds and ends, men's basketball, softball, tennis, baseball and football.


ODDS AND ENDS | Don't know who did this, but the Big 12 as Simpson's characters.

MEN'S BASKETBALL | Well. That was fun. A really fun game and a really great way to start the Big 12 Tournament. Game 2 is today against the Kansas Jayhawks and starts at 2:00 pm. For those of you at work, you can try to watch the game as the Big 12 website has video links, but I think it's just to ESPN3. For those of you just waking up, Texas Tech beat West Virginia on a put-back from F Dejan Kravic with 0.4 remaining on the clock (official site | quotes PDF). LAJ's Nick Kosmider is in Kansas City with a game-recap and a notebook (link). The open thread goes up at 1:00 pm today.

With a bit of strange news (CBS Sports), former Red Raider Trency Jackson is speaking out about how he was suspended for violation of team rules, but it was really academic issues. I'm going to fully admit that I had a real difficult time figuring out what happened with Trency other than he made a D on a class and he's blaming Texas Tech for some eligibility issues that forced him to transfer. Again, I had a really tough time following this story.

SOFTBALL | The softball team notches two wins yesterday as they are in San Diego for the week, beating Fairfield 9-2 (official site) and a 7-1 win over Bryant (official site).

TENNIS | The women's tennis team loses to #1 North Carolina yesterday, 5-2 (official site).

BASEBALL | The Texas Tech baseball team (12-7) sweeps a mid-week series, which seems like it never happened last year, with a 6-0 win against Utah Valley (official site). P Corey Taylor had 12 strikeouts in 7 innings while C Mason Randolph went 4-4 with 2 RBI. LAJ's George Watson recaps the game.

FOOTBALL | On the NFL front, two former Red Raiders changed teams as Wes Welker signed with Denver (SB Nation) and in twist of fate, Danny Amendola signed with New England (SB Nation). Congrats to the two of them. ESPN has a Weak and Strong feature and the funny thing is that Ubben writes that an experienced corner may flip to a safety spot. The funny part is that there are really no experienced corner. RRS has a preview on the offensive line