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Reviewing the Redshirts | CB La'Darius Newbold

Fans tend to forget about the players that redshirted the previous year. This is an attempt to remind you about those players.

Stu Forster

PLAYER: La'Darius Newbold

POSITION: Cornerback
HEIGHT: 5’11"
HIGH SCHOOL: Lancaster (Lancaster, TX)

The only real news item with Newbold from last year was that the entire team and coaching staff went to Lancaster after a tornado ravaged Lancaster in the spring of last year. At that time, Newbold was just a guy that had committed and signed with Texas Tech, never having set foot on the campus as a student. The crazy thing about Newbold is that he chose Texas Tech over a handful of major programs. From Arkansas, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Texas A&M, Newbold chose Texas Tech. I do think that's pretty significant and that's usually a pretty good indication of a player's talent. Newbold’s Texas Tech profile isn't too far off his high school profile.

I think that Newbold projects to a boundary cornerback because it is relatively rare to get a cornerback with his sort of size and speed. That's a pretty rare combination. Depending on how Newbold progressed, I think that he should be battling Dorian Crawford and maybe Tre' Porter for that boundary cornerback spot because they all have pretty good size to play that spot. Either that, I could see them step into the nickel cornerback position.