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Reviewing the Redshirts | RB Quinton White

Fans tend to forget about the players that redshirted the previous year. This is an attempt to remind you about those players.

This is another guy named Quinton.
This is another guy named Quinton.

PLAYER: Quinton White

POSITION: Running Back
HEIGHT: 5’7”
HIGH SCHOOL: A&M Conslidated (College Station, TX)

White broke his foot in August of last year, so he should be fully healthy and ready to go. White was most likely going to be redshirted anyway. You hate to see an injury (because injuries stink), but other than being out for a few weeks with that broken foot, I’d guess that he’s fully rehabbed in looking at White’s Texas Tech profile he added about 17 pounds from his high school weight of 180.

So yes, White adding 17 pounds from his senior year to checking in is pretty impressive and at 5’7” and almost 200 pounds, that’s pretty much a bowling ball of a running back. He’s more similar in size to Kenny Williams that DeAndre Washington or Sadale Foster. The problem for White, and it’s not really a problem if you’re not afraid of competition, is that White is in a crowded backfield and there is a lot of running backs all vying for time. It is why I think that Foster may eventually move to an inside receiver spot. Just a lot of players looking for some playing time, including Kenny Williams, DeAndre Washington, Sadale Foster and Tyler Middleton. Thankfully, White has plenty of time and I’d be willing to bet that White is going to be terrific on special teams until he can get some regular carries at running back.