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Recruiting on the South Plains | The Day Before National Signing Day Updates

Some news, notes and links on some of the players considering Texas Tech.

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I had some updates that I thought would be better to be in a singular post rather than just part of the morning links (which there will not be any morning links this morning). First things first, I created a story stream that will house all of the National Signing Day posts:


You can also check out the VTM section where I've been placing all of the profiles of all of the possible commits.

You must check out CBS Sports' Matt Hinton's yearly look at recruiting rankings. The thing with recruiting rankings is that they aren't 100% accurate. Almost nothing is 100% accurate, but they can be a good indicator of how good a player might be. Again, nothing is absolute, but if you think about recruiting rankings as a possible indicator of potential, then you don't set yourself up for failure.

Yesterday afternoon, OT Maurice Porter flipped his commitment to Baylor.'s Chris Level tweeted that Porter will double-sign with Baylor and a junior college, hinting at the idea that Porter has grade issues and may not qualify. Now I can't find that tweet, but I can almost guarantee that Level did tweet that information, I just don't have any verification. I don't know what any player's grades are, so I can't comment and I wish Porter luck at Baylor.

New Orleans LB Edward Williams may be apparently leaning towards Tulane as one of his best friends is committed there. I don't know if this is a situation where the offer still stands, but I suppose that the possibility is that Kingsbury didn't want to keep LB Kahlee Woods hanging on without a real offer so that Woods could make a decision.

LAJ's Don Williams has the salaries of all of the coaches. DC Matt Wallerstedt is being paid $425,000 and that's the most significant salary. You can go check out all of the other salaries.

KLBK's Matt Roberts has a terrific interview with head coach Kliff Kingsbury:

You'll be able to watch National Signing Day at TexasTech.TV.