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Post Game Thoughts | Texas Tech 66, Iowa St. 86

An all to familiar story as the Red Raiders keep things close in the first half, but cannot keep pace with the Iowa St. Cyclones in the second half.

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Texas Tech 66, Iowa St. 86 | Box Score

Sometimes watching tis team would have been like watching me trying to talk to girls in bars while in college and/or law school. Attempts were made, awkward attempts, and ultimately I walked away to my table without a phone number. This feels the same way. Texas Tech had only 12 turnovers and 13 assists, but there were too many times that this team still seems awkward and tough to watch. Those things don't always result in turnovers, just awkward play. I'm not sure when that sort of awkwardness will play out and in the second half where ISU shot 50% from the floor to Texas Tech's 38% and simply just took control of the game. I watched a bit of Kansas after the Texas Tech game and it's just a smoother effort. Of course Kansas has better players and I know this is the issue, but it's just strange to watch players that same game have such significant difference. The more the talent, the better this will be, this was just struck me as I was able to watch these teams back to back.

Texas Tech shot themselves in the foot and it seemed like there were way too many three-point shots, especially when there hasn't been anyone that has proven that they can make it on a consistent basis and that includes Hannahs who can be hot and cold. Hannahs and Nurse were 1 of 6 while Gray was 2 of 6. That's just not going to get it done and that's way too many attempts, 25 for the team and not enough makes, 7.

ISU had a 43 to 31 rebounding advantage and ISU isn't a big team. Crockett continues to shoot well and rebound as he was 5 of 8 from teh floor (only 2 of 6 from the free throw) and had 11 rebounds. I really want someone to tell me why Kravic just shoots the ball without really looking to pass. It just doesn't make how he just shoots the ball, but it did result him in netting 10 points and I do appreciate that he shoots a high percentage shot, but it's still awkward. Josh Gray also was able to be more efficient offensively (aside from the three-point shooting) and was 7 of 15 for 20 points with 4 assists and 3 turnovers.


Quotes via LAJ's Nick Kosmisder head coach Chris Walker (as an aside, this is the awkwardness I'm talking about):

"It’s frustrating," Tech coach Chris Walker said. "As a former player you see everything. Unfortunately you’re not on the floor. You draw things up for them and things are open. They’re just not confident enough, or they don’t want to turn the ball over."