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Texas Tech Produces the Third Most High School Head Football Coaches in Texas

Texas Tech has produced 70 Texas high school head football coaches, which is third most in the state. I'd love to hear reasons why this is the case.


Big hat-tip to oldschoolraider for emailing the link. Lone Star Gridiron dug into the Texas high school coach's directory to figure out where the high school head coaches come from which colleges. The results may surprise you. Leading the pack with 93 head coaches is Angelo St., then Stephen F. Austin has 80 and third, with 70 head coaches, is Texas Tech with 70 Texas high school head coaches.

As OSR noted to me by email, this is strangely fascinating that these smaller schools produce so many head coaches, while Texas A&M has only produced 46 head coaches, Baylor has only produced 34 and the University of Texas has produced only 19 current head coaches.

I'd love to hear any theories why this might be the case. I'd also think that with so many high school head coaches that have Texas Tech degrees or are from West Texas in general, that this is something that could really pay off in the long run. Opine away in the comments.