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Friday Morning Links at Viva The Matadors | 2013-02-15

The softball team heads to New Mexico. Continuing to celebrate the Lady Raiders National Championship. Kosmider opines to make Chris Walker the head coach. Miscellaneous football links.


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His time on the AAU circuit in Texas helped Walker forge relationships with a large number of coaches in the Lone Star State and beyond, bonds that are crucial to any coach hoping to keep pace in the recruiting game. His experiences as an assistant at basketball strongholds Villanova and New Mexico don’t hurt his case either.

Moreover, Walker believes he already knows how to best sell Lubbock to prospective players.

“The one thing I love about Tech,” Walker said, “is there are so many people in this town who have love for Tech, and it comes out in every single way, it oozes out of their body, and the kids gravitate to that. And, I might add, and I’ve heard this time and time again, they don’t get that at every school they go to. It’s more commercial. Here it’s more real. Here it’s more people over program."


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