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Five Questions | The Linebackers

Five questions on the returning linebackers, thoughts on the 3-4 or 4-3 scheme and who you think fills up the two-deep.

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No. Name Year Ht./Wt. Position
18 Micah Awe FR 6-0/205 Linebacker
42 Daniel Cobb RS JR 6-0/219 Linebacker
25 Blake Dees SO 6-0/215 Linebacker
13 Sam Eguavoen SO 6-1/220 Linebacker
9 Branden Jackson RS FR 6-4/248 Linebacker
20 Chris Payne SO 5-10/187 Linebacker
7 Will Smith JR 6-3/224 Linebacker
6 Kris Williams FR 6-1/213 Linebacker
27 Zach Winbush SO 6-1/219 Linebacker

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*As an aside, I left off who the walk-on players. You can see the entire roster here.

1. It seems like this was Tuberville's big things, which was to have smaller faster linebackers. There used to be large linebackers in the mold of Bront Bird and Brian Duncan with Jamal Williams being the lightweight at 235. Now, the largest linebacker, Will Smith, is 225. Considering the spread nature of defenses, do you think this was the right move to have smaller but faster linebackers?

2. The obvious downside to smaller linebackers is that as a group, they had a very tough time shedding offensive linemen and the defense was generally over-matched as a result. Since the likelihood of the linebackers all adding 20 pounds seems slim, what is the best way to scheme for smaller but faster linebackers?

3. We really don't have an indication as to the type of defense that Texas Tech is going to run except that it's going to be "multiple". I think what this means is that Texas Tech is going to flip between the 3-4 and 4-3 with players that can play multiple positions. Are you a fan of doing this or would you prefer just sticking with one system?

4. I probably won't mention Pete Robertson with the defensive ends as I don't know if he just doesn't seem to have the size to play on the line, especially if there is a move to a 3-4. Do you think his inclusion as a possible linebacker would help the situation?

5. Who do you see as the two-deep for the linebackers? Feel free to speculate with a three linebacker group (4-3) or four linebacker group (3-4).