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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech to Holiday Bowl? Hendrix to Visit

The Texas Tech Red Raiders may be headed to the Holiday Bowl after Northern Illinois loses, while one of the top un-committed defensive backs is set to visit this weekend.

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Links: I wish I had more links, but I don't. It's pretty quiet right now.  I did want to congratulate Jaelene Hnkle for being named a third team All-American!  Awesome work.

Texas Tech To Holiday Bowl? Remember when we were all thinking that Texas Tech to the Texas Bowl was a sure thing?  Well, with Northern Illinois' loss to Bowling Green last night, there's going to be a BCS spot now going to another Big 12 team, which means that all of the other teams move up.  Yep, that's right, CBS Sports' Jerry Palm is predicting that Texas Tech plays Arizona St. in the Holiday Bowl and Kansas St. should be headed to Phoenix to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl to take on Nebraska.  How about that and how about things changing over night?   SB Nationwrites that there are four teams competing for that Sugar Bowl spot, which would be Baylor, Oklahoma St., Oregon and and Clemson, so the odds are in favor of a Big 12 team getting the nod.

Payton Hendrix to Visit: Per a $ link on the front page of RRS they say that one of the top un-committed defensive backs, Payton Hendrix (Bishop Dunne, 6-3/190 Rivals24/7) is visiting Texas Tech this weekend.  The 24/7 folks seem to predict that he's going to commit to Notre Dame or Arkansas, but Hendrix has offers from anywhere and everywhere.  You can check out his YouTube video here and he's an impressive player.

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