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Red Raider Gridiron | Holiday Bowl or Texas Bowl? Cast Your Vote and FB Links

Texas Tech could play in the Holiday Bowl or the Texas Bowl, come on in and vote in a meaningless poll. We've also got football links.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I expect things to be a bit quiet over the next few days, so let's vote on a meaningless poll. Would you rather Texas Tech go to the Holiday Bowl or the Texas Bowl?

Holiday Bowl: The pros for the Holiday Bowl would be that it's a pretty terrific location, San Diego, and that would be a really great destination for fans and for the players. A group of players that have gone through a lot. The downside is that this is a very important time to recruit time and being in Houston and South Texas in general would make more sense.

Texas Bowl: The pros of going to the Texas Bowl would be that fans would be able to go to the game a bit easier and the coaching staff would be able to recruit the Houston area pretty hard for the entire week of bowl preparations. The downside is that the location isn't really a destination (just in case anyone is wondering, I don't consider Dallas or San Antonio be a destination for the fans or players either really) and it would be nice to reward the players.

As an aside, I think all signs point to a return to the Texas Bowl, but you've got nothing better to do, so make sure and vote.

Links: Lets' do this.

Bowl Projections: We have a couple of bowl projections as SI's Stewart Mandel and SB Nation's Jason Kirk both project Texas Tech to the Texas Bowl.

Brewer to Graduate in May: The DMN has a general summary of the season and somewhat talk about some things for next season, but tucked in that article is a bit about how QB Michael Brewer will graduate in May, which means that he could transfer to just about any school and play as a graduate student without losing a year of eligibility. Talk about adding a bit of intrigue as we go through the rest of the offseason.

A Fraud? FSSW's David Ubben writes about Texas Tech being a fraud and I think "fraud" isn't the best word, but there really isn't a succinct way to say that Texas Tech wasn't the #10 in the nation when the Red Raiders were 7-0. Maybe it's that one semester of criminal law where I keep thinking that "fraud" means that there was a criminal intent and how can a football team have a criminal intent? Anyway, I think Ubben's bigger point is that for this to happen in one year, you can chalk it up to a fluke. For this losing streak to happen two years in a row is no coincidence. I agree with that and I think this is where I'm headed in the offseason. How to avoid that five game losing skid at the end of the year, among other things.