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Kingsbury Dodges Tough Questions About Masked Rider

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury was asked some tough questions about why the Masked Rider would not ride in San Diego at the Holiday Bowl and Kingsbury seems uncomfortable to answer those tough questions. We demand answers.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury was at a press conference prior to the Holiday Bowl and was asked some of the greatest questions ever asked by reporters wanting to ask a football coach football questions.

Q. Coach, the pregame is a big part of what you guys do, the masked rider won't be here, traveling with your fans. Why happened with that? Why won't you be riding?
COACH KINGSBURY: I don't know, that's news to me. Tough question.

I mean, why even show up, right? And why won't Kingsbury be riding (why isn't photoshop experts all over this)?

And maybe more importantly, why doesn't Kingsbury know why the Masked Rider isn't riding? Isn't he a football coach that's supposed to know everything about this team? Sounds like a coach that doesn't know what's going on with his program.

Q. How big of a part is he in doing what he does to get your team pumped up and get you guys ready?
COACH KINGSBURY: Yeah, that's a big source of pride for our team obviously, a well‑known symbol of Texas Tech but I'm sure‑‑ I guess that's above my pay grade for that question.


Sounds like a coach that doesn't want to answer questions about his team. Deflecting about whether he will be able lead this team and get the team "pumped up"? Sounds like a coach that just needs to answer the question. Will he or will he not be able to get the team "pumped up" without the Masked Rider?

Pretty simple question.

We as Texas Tech fans deserve an answer.