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Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update: 12/24/13

While the Eve of Christmas is upon us, the end of the recruiting path is close too. Texas Tech signs 5 JUCOs, 4 Red Raider targets remain undecided and why is there not a lot of recruiting info this week. Also a look at Tech's top 3 QBs for 2015, Jarrett Stidham, Kyler Murray and Ryan Agnew

This is how many recruits we signed Wednesday
This is how many recruits we signed Wednesday
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

JUCO national signing day was this past Wednesday, and for recruits who were still in it for Texas Tech, one committed to Tech and four are undecided. There has been no info thus far on where they are going or where they might go. In other news though, the high school state championships were this past week, and some Tech recruits and commits did very well. I'll get to that later on. For right now however, let's look at some high rated 2015 QBs, Jarrett Stidham and Kyler Murray.

Jarrett Stidham - Quarterback (Stephenville HS, Stephenville, TX)

Height: 6'3.5" Weight: 190 lbs 40 time: 4.57 Vertical: 31.1" Power Throw: 32.5"

Ratings: 96 (46th overall) by 247 / 84 (24th overall) by ESPN / 6.0 (47th overall) by Rivals

Interest: Baylor (Warm), Texas (Warm), Kentucky (Warm), Texas Tech (Cool)

According to 247, Stidham has 6 teams that are out in front, and Tech is not one. However, it is still very early, and that list will not matter. His only unofficial visits thus far are to Tech and Baylor, but he has a ton of coaching visits from schools like Tennessee, Vandy, Oregon, WSU, Kentucky, Ohio State and Texas (All but the last two had their whole staff visit). Texas Tech was lucky to get an unofficial visit from Stidham, but for hasn't visited him yet. With all the other staffs visiting him, it puzzles me why Tech hasn't done so. Now for a little film analyst on Stidham. There are a lot of positives on his film. From his throwing motion, quick release, to his great reorganization during the option players. With his speed, he also provides another threat to the game. I wish they had more downfield throws on his video, as it seems like there weren't a lot. When there were some, however, he made the right decision and threw on target. He also can throw on the run, which is a good skill, but I would like my QB try to plant him foot more. If I had to compare him to anyone, it would be Jake Locker. Both can be a threat to run the ball if needed, and have a similar arm motion. Not to mention their height is similar (Stidham needs a few pounds to get to Locker). Unfortunately for Texas Tech, Stidham is listed as a Sonnie Cumbie recruit for 247 and Rivals, who is now with TCU, who is also after him. I believe this hurts are chances, and we have a less likely chance to get him. Stidham visiting Lubbock did let him meet to coaching staff, which may save him from forgetting the Red Raiders.

Kyler Murray - Quarterback (Allen HS, Allen, TX)

Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 lbs 40 time: 4.52 Shuttle: 4.1

Ratings: 97 (30th overall) by 247 / 83 (47th overall) by ESPN / 5.9 by Rivals

Interest: Texas A&M (Warmer), Ohio State (Warm), Clemson (Warm), Texas Tech (Warm)

Texas A&M has a slight advantage in this race, as his dad was a QB for the aggies in the 80's (Kevin Murray), however, there are a lot of sons that don't go to their dad's school. Kyler Murray doesn't look to be a visited as Jarrett, however, the Tech staff has visited Murray, along with a lot of visits from Sumlin. Looks like it'll be a close battle throughout the process. Kyler Murray is also a two time State Champion, winning last year and this year, even after falling behind by15 in the 4th to DeSoto in the Semis. So yeah, Kyler Murray is kinda a hot commodity right now. Anyway, on to his film. This is kid is something special. He's got a powerful (and accurate) arm, incredible pocket prescience and his accuracy on his passes is ridiculous. Kyler's highlight film is something I've never seen from a HS QB. The way he places the ball on some of these passes are Manning and Brady like, in the tiniest holes where only the WR can catch it. Now he's not going to throw like that every play, but he's got that ability. The only down side, if any, are his size and strength. He went to Allen, so he had a good team behind him to keep him safe. He has to put more on the ball to get it over those big offensive and defensive lineman and I'm not sure how he can take a hit. If I had to compare his game to anyone, I would say Johhny Manziel, and not just because he's small and might go to A&M. He's go similar football and presence like Manziel, along with a similar running motion and has a bigger arm than you would expect. If Tech can get him, he could be "the" recruit to launch them to a powerhouse.

Ryan Agnew - Quarterback (Southlake Carroll, Southlake, TX)

Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 lbs

Ratings: 90 by 247 / NR by ESPN

Interest: Tennessee* (Warm), Texas* (Warm), TCU*(Cool), Texas Tech*(Cool)

Now unfortunately, Ryan is also a Cumbie recruit, and I originally wasn't going to review him, but I just wanted to show the top QBs on Tech's radar for 2015. He played at the famous Southlake Carroll, the same that is home to Mathew Stafford and had the whole transfer scandal (that QB in now at OKST). Texas HS Football is one crazy thing. Anyway, he was their starting QB this year, but yet has to receive an offer from any school, but with Tennessee and Texas looking on. Now on to his film. Honestly, I am not very found of it. His running isn't terrible, but I feel like it wouldn't work in Texas Tech's system. I just feel like a lot of QBs are capable of doing so. Also his throwing motion bothers me, as his arm seems to stretch out a lot, easy for the DL to hit away. Now his accuracy and power isn't terrible, I'm just not a huge fan of it. Then again, I haven't seen much film on him, as his hudl private and all I got is this stupid youtube video. I don't know how he's rated higher than Mahomes was. We'll see with Ryan pays attention to Tech after Cumbie leaves.

Here are some more updates:

Football 2014:

  • Dontae Levingston, 81 rated OL, committed and signed with Texas Tech late Wednesday night. With K-State pulling his scholarship, he was down to Kansas and Texas Tech, and untimely choose Tech. Great addition to a struggling O-Line.
  • Darius Jones,CB teammate of Josh Keys, also committed to Texas Tech. He doesn't have a recruiting profile, and I don't know if he is on scholarship or not. His stats this past year are 24 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 INTs.
  • Brandon Thorpe, 84 rated DL,, will visit Texas Tech on 1/17 and UCF 1/24. He already had a visit to WVU on 12/6 and North Texas on 12/14. Thorpe is a sophomore and he said that he will be a May graduate,
  • Hayden Vinson, NR JUCO OL, will walk on at Texas Tech next season. Here is his hudl (only 3 plays; Left Tackle), but doesn't look too bad. He's 6'6" and weights 285 lbs and had a few D-II scholarship offers out of HS, and made 2nd-Team All State. Good to have an extra O-lineman there.
  • Vincent Jackson Jr, 83 rated OLB, will name his Top 4 on Saturday. Tech is likely to be named, as he said Tech was in the Top 3, before deleting the tweet.
  • Dylan Douglass, 81 rated OLB, committed to Texas St this past week. Congrats to him and hope he does well there.
  • Jeremy Miller, NR JUCO DT< committed to UMass this past week, He went to Tyler JC and on the Red Raiders Radar, but choose UMass in the long run.

Basketball 2014:

  • Coach Vince Taylor visited Justin Gray yesterday in his game against Port Charlotte. While rivals and 247 don't have any future talent listed on those teams, Tampa has a few good players for 2016.

Football 2015+:

  • Chris Clark, 2015 88 rated TE from Connecticut, has an offer from Texas Tech, and is planning to visit them during their Junior Day. With his great frame at 6'6", 245lbs, he can snatch balls at the highest point and block well. Not to mention he's got descant speed.

There won't be a lot of recruiting information until mid January, and that's because we are under a dead period until January 3rd, and a quiet period until mid January, before opening to contact period again. A dead period is where you can contact via phone or mail with the recruit, but that's it. A quiet period is where you can do anything in the dead period and you can take unofficial visits, with coaches allowing to meet you on campus. A contact period is where coaches make face to face contact and take official visits also. Hope that helps.

As most (I mean all) of you know, Christmas Eve is today and Christmas is tomorrow. So with being said, there is a strong chance I will not be online today and tomorrow so I won't be here to answer questions. However, I've complied some questions that you may have an answered them below.

Question: Which player from the recruiting class do you think will have the biggest impact next season?

Answer: I believe it will be Keland McElrath and Josh Keys. Texas Tech is losing a lot of D-Linemen and need help filling that hole. Also, the secondary is losing men, and some players aren't quite ready to fill that hole, and that's where Keys will make a big impact.

Question: Have you heard any more info on Rika Levi, Dominique Robertson or Anthony Olobia?

Answer: None thus far. I won't be looking at info today and tomorrow, but I will continue shortly after that.

Question: Are any more recruits that might come our way

Answer: Some recruits that could be Red Raiders in Feburary are Peyton Hendrix (86 rated S), Vincent Jackson Jr. (83 rated OLB), Brandon Thorpe (84 rated DT) and Corey Avery (85 rated ATH). That's all I can muster up right now.