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Red Raider Gridiron | Post Season Accolades for Texas Tech HS Commits

Viva The Matadors has some of the post season accolades for the Texas Tech commits, and we'd love to have you hivemind any that we've missed.

Ronald Martinez

Good Monday morning.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I think The Weekender went well and really appreciated your comments.  Good stuff.

I don't promote this enough, but did you know that we have a full page with all of the Texas Tech commits and links to every profile for every recruiting service and film and just about everything else you could maybe want with the the current commits as well as links to all of the other recruiting classes.  This page is located under the header at the top of the page there is a "Library" tab and under that, I keep track of all of the football and basketball commits.

Since it's a slow weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to run down some of the more recent accolades that these players have received now that the season is just about over.  However, I'm a mere mortal and I know I'll miss all sorts of things (partly because there were no links this morning and I decided to do this at 4:45 am).  If you find any other links or honors, please post them.  Also, I only had time to do the HS commits, so any help with the JUCO players would be great.

I also realize that these players are just commits up until they actually sign on the dotted line, but assuming all of these players sign with Texas Tech, who are the top five commits that you're most excited to see?


LB Dakota Allen was named the All-Houston Area Defensive MVP (via Kingwood Observer).

RB Justin Stockton was named All-State 5A First Team, S Derrick Dixon was named to the Second Team while OL Robert Casteneda, OL Deionte Noel, and WR Byron Daniels,  was named Honorable Mention (via LAJ).  I know there may be some issues with whether or not Noel has an offer right now, maybe a greyshirt offer, but I haven't seen anything reported, so I'm just leaving this as is.

RB Demarcus Felton is up for the offensive player of the year with the Houston Touchdown Club (via Chron).

S Jah'Shawn Johnson was named the 15-4A District MVP (via Waxahachie Daily Light).

OL Justin Murphy was named to the 8-5A First Team (via KDH Pressbox).

QB Patrick Mahomes was named the All-State 4A First Team (via Chron). Mahomes was also named the 4A Offensive Player of the Year. I didn't get a chance to roll through the second and honorable team players to make sure I didn't miss any.

WR Ian Sadler was named All-State 3A Second Team (via Statesman).  S Connor Wilson received Honorable Mention. Same thing as the 4A team, I may have missed a player as I didn't get a chance to scan all of the names this morning.