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Red Raider Gridiron | Freshmen OL Progress; HS Commit Updates; Report-Mayfield to Walk-on at OU

The LAJ has a terrific update on the freshmen offensive linemen and where they might eventually project. Lots of links on the high school commits from post-season accolades and their teams playing. We also touch on the report that Mayfield may walk-on at Oklahoma.

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I think we've got a big weekend in store for you.  Lots of basketball, both men's and women's this weekend, and SARR and I had a weekly conversation this morning, DanSwany has a round table on the men's team and last but not least, we'll have a new feature called The Weekender that's going to be your general open thread for the weekend.  Lots of great stuff for a Friday in December.


Carol Of Lights Photos: Totally Texas Tech has some terrific photos of the Carol of Lights.  We're so lucky to have a guy like TTURed that takes the time to do this.

Freshmen OL Progress Report: The LAJ has a terrific breakdown of the freshmen offensive line and some ideas as to where they will eventually project according to OL coach Lee Hays.  I'm a little surprised that Hays projects both Josh Outlaw and Cody Hayes as guards, or potentially as guards.  I always saw them as left tackle types because of their athleticism.  Also get some reports on Baylen Brown, who has been playing, and Poet Thomas, who is still a work in progress, but the coaches are still excited about what he can do.  The LAJ also has a bit on how Tony Morales should start practicing this week and mentions that four guys are going to receive snaps at center including Brown, Tony Morales, Alfredo Morales, and Joey White.  Again, it's all good, so go check it out.

FBSH All-American: Maybe the most important All-American team, because I respect his opinion so much, is from Football Study Hall's Matt Hinton named TE Jace Amaro as an All-American.

TTU Makes JUCO Signings Official: The official site makes it official as they have all five signees listed for Texas Tech:  S Josh Keys, OL Dontae Levingston, DT Marcus Smith, DT Keland McElrath, and WR Devin Lauderdale.

Coaching Secrecy: FSSW's David Ubben has a real interesting about how secrecy in terms of game-planning is an issue for coaches.  Pretty neat article.

Mayfield to Walk-On at OU: We've already discussed this quite a bit yesterday, but if you want a story from the OU perspective, here is a NewsOK story (auto-play video warning).  Of course, OU HC Bob Stoops can't comment on Mayfield at all, but he does say that he's happy with the quarterbacks on their team and they will have five scholarship quarterbacks on campus in the spring.

High School Commit Updates: Too bad for Cameron Batson as his Millwood team lost the 2A title last night, but he had one heck of a season.  Keep your head up.  Meanwhile, Argyle's Ian Sadler and Connor Wilson will be playing for a state title against Fairfield today at 4:00 pm.  Sadler was named to the 2nd team 3A all-state and the Denton Record Chronicle writer that posted this story was "shocked" that Sadler wasn't 1st team.  One more note on Sadler, as the DRC asked another coach who Sadler reminded them of and they said LaMichael James.  Patrick Mahomes was named the 4-A Offensive Player of the Year, and then he went out and scored 17 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks and 4 assists last night to beat Longview.  I can't explain why Batson, Sadler and Mahomes are 4-star players, but whatever.

Action: Courtney Davis with Amaro.