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Texas Tech Morning Links | VB, WBB, MBB and FB Post-Thanksgiving Links

Viva The Matadors gets back on track after the Thanksgiving holiday and has your morning links for volleyball, women's basketball, men's basketball and football links.

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Good morning everyone.  I spent the past three days pretty much completely unplugged.  No Twitter, very little email, I had to mark over 400 items as read on my Feedly despite not reading them at all because I didn't want to go through 400 blog posts.  So I'm feeling much better. Sometimes it's really good to be in place where you really can't get internet access unless you want to get internet access.  So, I'm pretty much starting fresh this morning and there's probably going to be some repeat information.

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Links: Let's do it.

Volleyball: The volleyball team sent TCU home packing with a 3-0 sweep on senior day. The lone senior is Aubree Piper and we thank her for her time at Texas Tech. This game was also apparently the first 3-0 sweep of a conference opponent since beating TAMU in a sweep in 2006.

Women's Basketball: The Lady Raiders lost both games in Brooklyn, losing to Michigan by 11 and losing to Rutgers by 9. Texas Tech is 3-3 on the year and will play Arkansas Pine-Bluff on Wednesday.

Men's Basketball: The men's team beat UTSA by 30 points on Friday, which was good to get back on the winning track before traveling to Tuscon to take on the highly ranked Arizona Wildcats tomorrow night.  The LAJ recapped the win and HC Tubby Smith said it was a group of players that were communicating very well:

"We were active and we were talking," Smith said. "The group that I had in there at the time were Randy, Kader (Tapsoba), Aaron, Toddrick (Gotcher) and Jamal. They were really talking. Their communication was excellent. They shut down their inside. We were having trouble guarding one-on-one because we were fouling off the dribble. But that group set the tone. Their alertness and aggressiveness is what I like about them. It slowed (UTSA) down."

The Arizona Daily Star recaps Arizona's win against Duke on Friday and they look forward to Texas Tech.

Football: I don't think I really have much more to say on the game.  As mentioned above, when you have a few days to not think about the game or give your self the opportunity to get all riled up at something, then you sorta move past it.  Obviously, this isn't the way I hoped that the season would end, but I'm still not down.  Sounds crazy, but I'm still really optimistic. Anyway, in one bit of UT related news, WR Eric Ward's hit on LB Steve Edmond lacerated his liver and he's out for the rest of the year.  Woah.

The LAJ has an article that makes it sounds like HC Kliff Kingsbury said that he wasn't stressed by the quarterback situation and I thought there might be something new, but those quotes are from the post game press conference. The LAJ also has their five key developments. I always try to read the LAJ's notebook after the game and it's noted that Bradley Marquez took Jakeem Grant's spot at inside receiver and Reginald Davis moved to Marquez's spot. I think I need more time to digest this.

This DMN article has some bowl possibilities and it ranges from the Holiday Bowl to the Texas Bowl, which is fine I think. I don't know how many 1st year head coaches are going bowling, so I'm good with this.