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Red Raiders Take on LSU Tigers | Game Preview

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are set to host the LSU Tigers at the United Spirit Arena.

Christian Petersen


Game Details
TEAMS LSU Tigers (6-2, 0-0)
Texas Tech Red Raiders (7-3, 0-0)
WHERE United Spirit Arena | Lubbock, Texas
WHEN 8:00 pm Wednesday December 18th


Texas Tech LSU
Robert Turner (6-3/180) PG Andre Stringer (5-10/190)
Toddrick Gotcher (6-4/195) SG Anthony Hickey (5-11/182)
Jaye Crockett (6-7/210) SF Shavon Coleman (6-5/195)
Jordan Tolbert (6-7/225) PF Jordan Mickey (6-8/220)
Kader Tapsoba (6-10/225) C Johnny O'Bryant III (6-9/256)


Key Matchup | Tapsoba vs. Mickey: Kader is going to have his hands full and if he does get the start, then I could see Tapsoba playing a very important role from the defensive end, as Tapsoba looks to to stop LSU’s best player. I’m not sure that Tapsoba will really stop Mickey, but with the combination of Dejan Kravic, who looks to improve on what he did against Central Arkansas, could be a formidable 1-2 punch against LSU.

Take Aim: I do think that this is the game that Gotcher gets the nod over Dusty Hannahs. Hannahs sat for most of the second half for a flagrant foul and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that HC Tubby Smith wasn’t real happy about it. Gotcher played well and it does look like this should be a better match-up for Gothcer anyway as LSU starts two small guards. LSU is great defensively, a top 25 team in AdjD, but not as good offensively, in the 100’s in AdjO. That would maybe where Texas Tech is really going to have to be their best, which is to really work over that LSU offense and the addition of Gotcher could really help in that regard (along with Tapsoba).

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