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Red Raider Gridiron | Sonny Cumbie Speaks; Bruce Jones is Okay

Former co-offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie spoke yesterday and talked about his move to TCU. CB Bruce Jones is okay after taking a nasty hit against Texas.

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Former Co-Offensive Coordinator Sonny Cumbie was on Double-T 104.3 yesterday and spoke about going to TCU. He did confirm that he will be the quarterbacks coach and he will be the co-offensive coordinator and said that he will have more input on the offense, which I do believe.  Quotes from this interview are below.


Cumbie Speaks: Via FWST or the DMN, here's Cumbie on moving to TCU and Texas Tech and Kliff Kingsbury:

"If I’m fortunate to one day be in his shoes, I’d be doing it the same way as far as calling the offense and coaching the quarterbacks," Cumbie told 104.3 FM in Lubbock. "He was great about the process the whole time. We were friends long before this, and we’re going to continue to be really good friends. It’s just the one week out of the year we’ll be competing against each other on the field."

"At the end of the day, it’s an opportunity to go be co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and be able to have a large input on the offense, and coaching quarterbacks is a step up. And being co-offensive coordinator there is something I look forward to. It was just a really good opportunity within the profession for me to make a move. It just so happens to be at a conference opponent and within the state, but you can’t cherry-pick everything."

Cumbie also mentions his relationship with new Co-Offensive coordinator for TCU, Doug Meacham as a reason to go to TCU, but I do think the biggest part of the reason to move is to improve his stock as a head coach and eventually become an offensive coordinator and eventually become a head coach, if that's what he wants. Cumbie is a good guy.  I would also initially be concerned about Cumbie poaching recruits, but I just don't think that's what Cumbie is going to do, that's just not how he rolls.

Jones Okay: The LAJ has a bit on CB Bruce Jones and when he was hurt against Texas and taken out on a stretcher, more than anything else, he wanted to let people know, in particular his mom, that he was okay.  Jones said, that he felt everything when he woke up. Yikes!

Players Speak to the Media? The players spoke to the media yesterday and I was surprised not to see more from the various media outlets, but here is a bit from KCBD with a couple of small quotes from Kerry Hyder and Dartwan Bush.

All-American Teams: SB Nation announced their All-American team and Jace Amaro made it as the tight end.  Meanwhile, ESPN released their All-American team and did not include Amaro, but instead included N. Carolina's Eric Ebron. I'll let you choose which one to click on.

Private College Salaries: Pretty cool from the Chronicle of Higher Education where you can find out the salaries of coaches and presidents for private colleges. The problem is that the latest figures are from 2011, where Baylor's Art Briles made $2.4 million and TCU's Gary Patterson made $3.0 million in 2011.

Catching up with Carlos Francis: The LAJ catches up with former Red Raider Carlos Francis.