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Texas Tech Morning Links | Cumbie to TCU; WBB Falls Short in Arizona; FB Commits Speak

Although head coach Kliff Kingsbury sounded unsure on Friday, from all accounts, it appears that Co-Offensive Coordinator Sonny Cumbie is headed to coach quarterbacks at TCU. The Lady Raiders fall short in Arizona. The football team picked up two commits yesterday and they talk about their commitment.

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Thanks for bearing with me over the weekend. I've pretty much missed all of the news regarding Sonny Cumbie leaving for TCU, not for a lack of not wanting to cover it, but because of a sick kid.  Sorry about that. In any event, it the only word we had from head coach Kliff Kingsbury is that he is unsure if Cumbie is going to leave (via LAJ), while there are other reports in Ft. Worth that this is a done deal (via FWST) and Cumbie will coach quarterbacks. I too think it's a done deal. For those of you that think that Kingsbury didn't know what was happening and why he didn't say, is that these hirings take time and this is part of the business, usually a 10 day waiting period. I am sure he was being sensitive to that spot and how Cumbie is really between jobs. Cumbie and Kingsbury are friends and sometimes these coaches take jobs where you hate to see them take jobs (i.e. Kingsbury in College Station), but it's part of the business.  I'll have a post later in the morning about the Cumbie situation and how Texas Tech can get better.

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Women's Basketball: The Lady Raiders and their bid to in Arizona fell short, as they lost 65-56 (official site).  This game was very much up and down, a game of runs, and it would be close one minute and then Arizona would go on a run.  Minta Spears led with 14 and Amber Battle scored 12.


Amaro Wins CFPA Tight End Trophy: I know that I've missed some of the awards that TE Jace Amaro has won, so here's the short list:Big 12, USA Today First Team All-America, and Walter Camp First Team All-America. And now, Amaro has won the 2013 CFPA Tight End Trophy, which I had no idea was a thing, but it apparently is. And as you can see to the right, it appears that Amaro is going to come back because we have video proof.

Commit Quotes: I'll update each of their commitment posts over my lunch hour, but we have some quotes from the two commits from yesterday, who are both I think expected to sign this week (I think?) from DT Marcus Smith (via DMN) and S Josh Keys (via DMN).  Yesterday, I didn't have anything from Keys, who had offers from just about everywhere and was expected to be heading to Nebraska, but chose Texas Tech.  Here is Keys on committing to Texas Tech:

"It came down to Nebraska, Texas Tech and Southern Mississippi," Keys told "I was able to narrow it down to one because I didn’t really want to stay close to Mississippi. I liked Tech a lot on my visit. I liked Coach Kliff Kingsbury, the way he does things and the way they move along as a group. I think his coaches are on the rise.

"What I hope to bring to them is a new fire. I’m a Mississippi guy going out all the way to Texas to ball. I want to help the team win more ball games so we can win a championship. The tournament is starting next year and my goal is be in that top four in the country. That will let me showcase my talent."