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Texas Tech Hoops | VTM Staff Weekly Roundtable (Week #5)

Different thoughts and opinions from the VTM staff members on certain questions and topics for the Red Raiders basketball team. This week we talk about our upcoming showdown with LSU.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

The one non-conference game that I had picked us to win in upset fashion on my season preview was December 18th when LSU came to the United Spirit Arena. They are looking really good right now with their only 2 losses coming from #22 UMass (8-0) by two points and #16 Memphis (6-1) by seven points. How do we try to pull off the upset at home? Can Tech win on Wednesday; why or why not?

Seth C - Johnny Jones can coach, I'm pretty sure about that. I think Jones was a fantastic get for LSU. The Tigers have a terrific forward in Johnny O'Bryant III, leading the team in scoring and rebounding, averaging a double-double. He's going to be a load for Kravic or Tapsoba. Go ahead and add in Jordan Mickey, and you have a pretty big frontcourt, and Mickey is just a freshman and he also averages about 13 a game and almost 9 boards a game. I'm really concerned about teams with tough frontcourts and although I like Texas Tech's chances, unless the shooting improves dramatically for the Red Raiders, I like LSU in this game. If Hannahs, Turner, Gotcher and Williams can find their touch over the holiday, then anything can happen, but Texas Tech has to get some outside scoring.

LSRR - I think it's as simple as taking care of the basketball and coming out with a lot of intensity. That will get the home crowd into it for a little bit of an added boost. Shots may or may not fall, but hard work on defense and limiting turnovers will keep us in it.

MikeTTU - This a werid LSU line-up. It consists of three 6'9" forwards and two guards under 6'. There are several things the Red Raiders need to do right. First to wear down Johhny O'Bryant III, who I leading the team in ppg, rpg, and has a 54% fgp. Tolbert needs to put presure on him on defense and make sure he doesn't get offense boards. Also, Turner can't let Hickey create turnovers. He leads their team in steals and a turnover can change momentum quickly. Finally, don't go in long droughts. What killed Tech last week and in the past is the one or two long droughts this team has. Don't allow it to happen. Now can we win? Yes it is possible with Tubby and this squad. They won't have the crowd (we won't ethier however), and LSU could be looking at Tech as an easy victory. Wreck 'em.

DanSwany - To beat LSU we need to stop their frontcourt from dominating the game. Star freshman Jordan Mickey has scored double figures in every single game of his young career so far. We need to be the first to stop him from scoring. Big man Johnny O’Bryant averages a double-double in points and rebounds, we need to really battle this guy down low to keep him off the boards and hold his scoring. That will be our biggest challenge, as LSU ranks 6th in the nation in rebounding. In the backcourt watch out because senior guard Andre Stringer shoots 33.3% from downtown, he averages more than 6 three-point attempts a game. We need to contain Stringer and get a hand in his face when he is jacking up treys. If we can do all that, win the rebounding game, limit our turnovers, and make a good percentage of our shots we can win the game. The problem is we do not have the strength or depth in the frontcourt to handle these guys. It is going to be our Achilles’ heel all year long when we face an opponent with a brawny frontcourt. I want to pull off the big upset, but I’m thinking we do not have the personnel on our squad to hang with LSU.