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For Possible Red Raiders who don't want clothes again for Christmas

While Clothes and Money may seem like good choices to older teens and adults, kids don't want that. They rather have toys, gadgets, and stuff that can poke someone's eye out. Here are some choices for those future Techsans

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A competitor dressed up as Santa Claus jumps into the sea during the 101st Barcelona's Traditional Christmas Swimming Cup at the Old Harbour of Barcelona on December 25 2010 in Barcelona Spain.
A competitor dressed up as Santa Claus jumps into the sea during the 101st Barcelona's Traditional Christmas Swimming Cup at the Old Harbour of Barcelona on December 25 2010 in Barcelona Spain.
David Ramos

Is that time of the year again, where you are trying to buy a gift and you can't think of anything to get your nephew or niece, so you get some squishy bouncy ball at the mall that he/she breaks in a few minutes (I learned not to Gronk spike squishy balls after that). Due to copyright laws, I can't post pictures that aren't mine, so I'll just provide the link. So here are some good gift ideas for the younger ones who like Texas Tech, but don't want the same clothes from Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally again this Christmas.

Mini Toy Truck - $10.99 (Red Raider Outfitter)

Height: It says Mini, so I'm guessing 8"??? Weight: Who Cares 40 time: How fast is the kid?

Ratings: Not reviewed by Customers

Interest: Boys 3-5 (Warmer), Boys 6-10 (Warm), Girls 6-10 (Cool)

This a new item to the Red Raider Outfitter store, a toy trunk that you can roll around on the floor. While all the adults are all around taking and catching up, the little youngster can crawl on the floor and roll the truck around, ramming it into everyone's legs. Eventually, someone will take it away from him and he'll start crying, but the next day when he gets it back and no one is around, he'll have a blast rolling around the truck, running over things and racing through the house. Don't expect this gift to be the one everyone remembers, but the kid will enjoy it for while and it'll hypnotize him into liking Texas Tech. Start them off young when they're malleable and can't think.

Texas Tech Plush Mascot Backpack - $14.95 (Fan Fanatics)

Height: 13" x 12" x 5" Weight: Who Cares

Ratings: Not reviewed by Customers

Interest: Boys 4-6 (Warmer), Girls 4-6 (Warmer)

Ok, I'm not great with sizes of little kids, so I'm guessing a foot tall backpack would be great for those in Pre-K and just going into elementary school. Imagine how cool your little kid/nephew/niece would walking around with a backpack that has Raider Red's face on it! He would be the coolest kid in school. Now some information about the backpack, it is 100% Polyester, has embroidered felt material and has a soft, plush exterior. Plus, the straps are expandable and there is a carrying handle on it. However, the downside is that it has only one zipper compartment, so if he's carrying anything small, you'll have to find a pouch to put it in so it doesn't get lost.

Texas Tech Pillow Pet - $29.99 (Tech Traditions)

Height: 18" long, 11" wide Weight: Pillow weight

Ratings: 4.7 by reviewers

Interest: Girls all ages (Favorite), Boys 10 under (Warm), Boys 11 and older (Cool)

If want to spend a little more money on your nieces and nephews, or your little one doesn't have one already, you can never go wrong with a pillow pet. They are shaped as a certain animals, and adults usually get one that the kids like. Lately however, they have started coming out with team ones, including Feaarless Champion (Black Stallion). They can be a pillow, or fold up to become a stuffed animal (a pet). Girls of all ages are found using these and bring them everywhere, and younger boys usually have them too, and they absolutely love it! Some older boys have it occasionally, but they usually won't want them unless they want to impress a girl. I even have a miniature pillow pet of Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox 2B) that's always on my dashboard. This is a great gift for anyone!

Texas Tech Hail Mary Youth Football - $12.99 (Tech Traditions)

Height: Not sure, small enough for a kid Weight: Football Weight

Ratings: 4.7 by reviewers

Interest: Boys 6-10 (Favorite), Boys 11-13 (Warmer), Boys 14-18 (Warm)

You can never go wrong with a football, but the pro or collegiate size football way be a little big for them. This is why this little bit smaller football is good. It's not that small, but it'll be a little bit easier for the little boys to throw it around. It is 100% rubber and throws like an actual football (unlike those hand sized ones). While all the adults are talking on Thanksgiving, you can push the boys to the back and play football. If they complain it's too cold, ignore them and keep on enjoying adult time. Just make sure no they don't start killing each other out there.

Texas Tech Fiki Football - $7.99 (Calender)

Height: Around 6-9" goal post, with 5-7" field Weight: Lightweight

Ratings: No reviews

Interest: Boys 6-10 (Warmer) , Boys 11 and up (Warm)

This time killer is great for boys of all ages and is also competitive. This set includes a 6" field, and a field goal post, with a triangle football that kids can flick into the goal post. There is actually a game I used to play in middle school and high school when I was bored called Fiki Football. The rules are right here. Anyway, give it to a son or nephew for a fun gift, or if you don't have any, give it SARR's son, so he can annoy his dad with kicking field goals.

Texas Tech White Bow - $7.99 (Red Raider Outfitter)

Height: I don't know Weight: I don't know

Ratings: No reviews

Interest: Girls 6-10 (Warmer), Girls 3-5 (Warmer)

This gift is prefect for the little daughter/niece that likes to wear bows in her hair. It has the Texas Tech colors and logo, showing her team pride and looking stylish at the same time; She can wear it to school, the mall, or to Red Raider football games, showing which team she cheers for. There are many different kinds of bows too if you go the Red Raider Outfitter site.