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For the Texas Tech Fan to Decorate Their Home

RndRckTTU has your Texas Tech holiday gift guide for the Texas Tech fan that needs some help decorating their home.

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Scarlet and Black is so classic
Scarlet and Black is so classic

We Red Raiders try to stick to the two main colors: Scarlet and Black but we throw in some White and Gray to broaden the color spectrum. So sit down by the fireplace my fellow Red Raiders and we will tell you a story and enlighten you with ideas.

As we pass through the cobble-stone road of University and Broadway, walk by the "Seal of Texas Tech University" observing the red granite and the foam from the water bubbling in the fountain and then down the pathway near Will Rogers and Soapsuds, and then we walk into the center of Memorial Circle.

We have arrived at our "home"….. Texas Tech University with all of the traditions and memories that we hold dearly and fondly. There are numerous small ways to help us remember this love we feel or to remind other Red Raiders that for a few seconds of each and every day we can capture this moment in our minds.

Now you wake up from your trance on your way home from work stuck in rush hour gridlock, you turn into your neighborhood and pull in front of your home.

How can you make your home feel more like "TTU home"? Well step right in my friends and let’s take a stroll through the ultimate Red Raiders home.

First place is the front hallway where you hang up your coat and scarf and set down your leather business case.

Walk into the kitchen and wash and dry your hands. Move to the fridge and pour a beer into your Double-T glass and rest it on a napkin on the counter. You pour your partner a glass of wine and prepare to cook dinner.

Get the apron on and the grill ready to cookits hamburger night. Slice up the tomatoes.

Have to check on the baby in the nursery.

Go check email on computer.

Walk into the Living Room/Den. Sit down on the couch and watch some TV after admiring the new artwork.

After finishing dinner, time to put the kids to bed.

Sit down and call family to check up on when everybody is arriving for the holidays.

Walk into the game room and play a round of billiards or a game of darts.

Go let the dog outback and relax on the patio/deck and watch the stars.

A Texas Tech house can be anything you want it to be. Small touches from the paint on the walls to the pillows on the couch. Bring a little bit of Texas Tech into your life and for others to share.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!! Enjoy your family and friends.