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The Elite Eight Christmas gifts for the Texas Tech Fan that is a basketball fan

DanSwany has the Elite 8 Christmas Gifts for the Texas Tech fan that is a basketball fan.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

1. 2014 NCAA Final Four & Championship Tickets (Arlington, TX)

I went to the 2011 men’s NCAA Final Four and Championship games at Reliant Stadium in Houston. For a die-hard college basketball fan it is a dream come true to experience this sort of thing. To see the passion and excitement in the crowds, and to watch great basketball be played was breathtaking. This year the Final Four takes place in Arlington at AT&T Stadium. If you are in the area and your family is basketball fans I highly recommend purchasing these tickets. You will not regret it. This gift would be the coolest gift ever.

2. NBA Game Tickets

I still remember my father bringing me to NBA games... it was the greatest. He took me to see players like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, and Clyde Drexler. Having an experience at the greatest game on earth with a family member is priceless. Walking out of the Toyota Center after a Houston Rockets game is where I told my wife I loved her for the very first time. Tickets to an NBA game make for a great gift with awesome memories.

3. Customized NBA Jersey (w/ name on the back)

Pick a favorite team and put a custom last name and # on the jersey. How cool is that! Who wouldn’t want to rock their favorite team’s jersey with their lucky number and nickname on the back? I hope somebody gets me a Rockets jersey with #22 and DanSwany on the back for Christmas.

4. Fly Basketball Shoes

If you want to be a baller you have to have some awesome basketball kicks. I’m still a fan of the Jordans, but there are Lebron James, Derrick Rose, and Kevin Durant shoes that will get you automatically into the favorite category of many if you purchase these as a gift for them.

5. Outdoor Basketball Court for the Backyard

I have always wanted a full court basketball court in my backyard. The problem is that I don’t have any room for it right now living near downtown Houston. If you and your family like watching and playing basketball this is the ultimate gift to give!

6. SKLZ Shoot Around (basketball return system)

I wish I had one of these for my junior high and high school years. If you know anyone that practices basketball a lot, this is a must for a Christmas gift. Instead of running after the ball after every shot, you get rewarded with a made shot by having the ball kicked right back to you.

7. Interactive Electronic Basketball Hoop Game

I still play these shoot around electronic games with my friends at houses that have them in the game room or garage. They are good for all ages that like to play basketball. These never get old, and you can get some really expensive ones that are extra nice and durable. I included the cheap version link that had Christmas deals.

8. Customized Basketball (w/ picture and name on ball)

This is a neat thing to get for the basketball player in the family, or for you to put up at the house to recognize your little basketball player. You can put their picture with their name on it. Also, include their team name and position.