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For the Texas Tech fan that has everything

It's for that guy. You know the one.

I love old Christmas photos.
I love old Christmas photos.

We all know that one guy. That guy that has everything but you still have to find him something for Christmas because he always buys you something nice. He's a Tech fan, but he already has all the Tech stuff. If you've got some change, here's a few ideas how you can knock his socks off this year.

Klint Kingsbury

You could hire Kliff's brother Klint, and do some Compound Tactical Helicopter Bow Hunting. I'm not sure what he charges but it would be worth every penny.

Or you could hire Klint to blow up a limo for you.


Maybe your friend has a taste for things more vintage. You could get him this truck.

Things for your car or truck that you didn't blow up

Or you could buy this for your friend and he could own it for ten years and it would only cost you $495.


Fancy Boots

Perhaps you have an extra $399 and tax lying around and a nice lady friend. You could get her some boots.

Fancy Belts

Or you could go to (because the store is in Austin and you don't want to go to Austin) and get some sweet belt buckles for your friend.


iPhone Accessories

There is a company called Timberfly founded by Aggies. Keep reading though.

They make custom iPhone cases and made one for Good Bull Hunting.

They offered to make one for VTM, but Seth politely declined. Of course I didn't decline and asked them to make one for me with a SARR logo, but they never responded. But that was before we had a Wiki page and before we got kicked off Wiki and before I was getting linked on ESPN, so I can forgive them. Check them out if you like and ask them to make you a custom VTM case (or any case you can design). You can email them at Tell them you heard about them from GBH or from me and they'll take care of you. I emailed them over the weekend and they're really nice guys with great products.

Josh Abbott Band

If your hard to please friend likes music, you can book the Josh Abbott Band for him. I went ahead and filled out the application just in case they're free for the Holiday Bowl. It will be awesome to have them over here, singing the fight song to me and Keith and eating chips.


Cat crap coffee

And lastly, if none of these ideas seem viable, you can always try cat crap coffee.

Yes, it's a real thing. A coworker of mine recently took a trip to Indonesia (she's an Olympic medalist in Tae Kwon Do) and brought some of this stuff back for our boss. I didn't get a chance to try it (here's me over here waving my hand and snapping my fingers and saying dangit) but some of the guys said it was really good and smooth. Apparently it's very expensive ($50 a cup?) and considered a delicacy. So, there's that option.

The only question I have about the coffee is how is something like this discovered? Who was the first guy to say "You know what? I'm gonna follow this cat around the jungle, and when he takes a dump, I'm gonna gather it up and see if I can make a good cup o' Joe."

I'd really like to meet this guy and not shake his hand.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody. Hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to satisfy that guy.

If blowing up a limo and then telling all your friends about it by using your phone with a custom wooden case doesn't do the trick then you need to find a new friend.