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Prediction Time | The VTM Staff Predicts the Kansas St. vs Texas Tech Game

The VTM staff walks precariously on the ledge in the hopes of correctly predicting the Kansas St. vs. Texas Tech game.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Whatever you do, do not go back and look at last week's predictions and whatever you do, do not bet on what the VTM staff predicts because you would lose all of your money. This week, we get RndRckTTU to join in and hopefully break the two-game losing streak.

Leave your predictions in the comments!

DanSwany 48-28 Tech wins. Amaro has 10+ catches. Williams scores 2 TDs on the ground. Webb throws no interceptions.
LoneStarRedRaider Tech wins, 34-31. If we have less than 3 turnovers on offense, no blocked punts, and allow no more than 200 yards rushing, we have a shot.
MikeTTU 49-38 Tech. The Red Raiders start off sluggish, but the determination for seniors pushes them. Option confuses Tech, but #ATMO is too much.
RndRckTTU Texas Tech wins by 11 points 38-27. Only 1 Interception and we come out strong and score first. 2nd Qtr is our strongest and we stay consistent in the 2nd Half
kevinkinsler Tech struggles out of the gate getting the offense in the end zone, but score enough to keep it close. A couple swapped leads in the second half lead to a late score for Tech to win. Tech 30:KSU 24
SARR Man I'm worried about this one. I dreamed last night 17-7 Tech wins so I'm going with that.
Seth C Kansas St. 31, Texas Tech 33. Kansas St. slows down the game significantly and Texas Tech takes advantage of some atypical K-State turnovers.