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Texas Tech Morning Links | Kithuka Finishes Second in XC National Championship; Lady Raiders Beat Grambling St.

Congrats to Red Raider cross country runner Kennedy Kithuka, who finished second at the Cross Country National Championship. The Lady Raiders easily handled Grambling St. We also get a few football links this Sunday morning.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Links: Let's do this.

  • Cross Country: Kennedy Kithuka did not finish his career at Texas Tech undefeated as Kithuka finished second at the NCAA Cross Country National Championships. The photo above is current and even though he's finishing second, Kithuka is still giving his guns up. Don't hang your heads Red Raiders. Kennedy ran his best and that is all you can ever ask, he is not disappointed . . . HE IS PROUD! and you should be too.
    "I ran my best," Kithuka said. "It doesn't disapoint me because I know I ran very well and took it as fast as I wanted too...I'm proud of what I did today."
    Terrific effort Kennedy and we are proud of you! Wreck 'Em!
  • Women's Basketball: The Lady Raiders handled Grambling St., 86-68, in what ended up being a pretty easy win after being close for a bit in the second half. Amber Battle led the way with 19 points, 8 boards and 8 assists. The LAJ recaps the game.
  • Football:
    • A good article from the LAJ about the two tackles, Ld'Raven Clark and Rashad Fortenberry. Go read the whole thing, as they have jokes about any sack being Fortenberry's fault and Clark talks about what it meant to receive an offer from Texas. Anyway, here's OL coach Lee Hays on Clark:
      "His athleticism is as good as anybody in the country," Hays said. "He gets better. He’s a student of the game. Sometimes if they come out in a different look, he’ll adjust on his own and adjust his set based off what he’s seeing, which makes it easy for me. That allows me to help some of the other guys."
    • The Boston Herald profiles former Red Raider Danny Amendola and about how he'll never out-run the comparisons to Wes Welker.

Action: Kennedy is still wearing that cowboy hat.  Love it.