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Texas Tech Morning Links | VB, SOC, XC, WBB and FB Links

Just about every sport gets covered this morning as Viva The Matadors rounds up this morning's news from Texas Tech athletics.

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Links | Let's get to it.

  • Volleyball: The volleyball team lost in 4 sets against Oklahoma last night, but had a valiant effort behind 36 digs from Rachel Brummit.  The DT has a recap of the game.
  • Soccer: The DT writes that no matter what happens between Texas Tech and Texas A&M, expect a dog-fight between the two teams.  Our own 85raider also has a FanPost up, so make sure and check that out.
  • Cross Country: Kennedy Kithuka was named the Men's Mountain Regional Athlete of the Year and don't forget, as the DT is so nice to remind us, that Kithuka is running for a National Championship this weekend.
  • Women's Basketball: The official site has a good article on G Minta Spears, who has been really good for the Lady Raiders after being out all of last year with a knee injury.
  • NCAA: This is the best thing ever.  Per the Wall Street Journal, the NCAA is suing EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company for their roles in the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit.  The NCAA doesn't care who likes them.
  • Football:
    • This is strange, but maybe this is another way how the sausage gets made.  Anyway, the NFL has an article by a guy that essentially spits back up the LAJ article earlier in the week about how the return of Dartwan Bush should help the defense.
    • I also haven't posted anything about the new uniforms for the Texas game as they really just appear to be just like last year's Lone Star Pride uniforms, except where there was red, there is now white.  I'm sure there are some subtle differences, but they're essentially the same uniform as last year, just in a different color.  The logo on the chest, the tramp stamp, the wording on the legs, and the shoulder star with the state of Texas colors, are all pretty much the same from last year.  If I had to guess, this is why there probably wasn't any sort of big reveal like there was for some of the other uniforms.  Here are the red uniforms from last year and these are the white uniforms from this year.  Anyway, I didn't really go into great detail about it because I thought they were pretty much the same.

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