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Post Game Thoughts | Oklahoma St. 52, Texas Tech 34

The Texas Tech Red Raiders get blown out at home to the Oklahoma St. Cowboys.

Dan Friend-USA TODAY Sports


  • Still played to the end and didn't give in, so there's that.
  • Jace Amaro, Jakeem Grant and Eric Ward all freaking battled.


  • I'm not sure where to start.
  • Webb's struggles initially are apparently no longer a one game thing against OU, but it has become a two game trend.  I am frustrated by that aspect of Webb's game and it appears that Kingsbury has dug in his heels a bit and that's frustrating too.  I like the long-term of Webb, but not being able to do anything offensive, or muster a long drive to start each half is troublesome to say the least.
  • The defense actually played pretty well in the first half, sans some bad plays by the defensive backfield. But they got tired, and that's a by product of the offense not being able to sustain drives early and often.
  • But then the second half happened and it wasn't pretty at all.  Lots of missed coverages and plays that were really frustrating.
  • The targeting penalty on the hit to Amaro has nothing to do with that play and maybe this makes too sensitive, but we've got to start making these kids stop hitting each other in the head.  Even if accidental on some level, we really need to get these kids really conscious about this aspect of teh game because I think it is going to kill the game eventually.  We probably don't care all that much about this right now.
  • Webb was great going deep previously, but maybe I need to consider that some more. Webb's deep throws that will show up on the stats were largely the receivers making plays and not Webb.  He missed a lot of deep throws and they generally looked ill advised.
  • Holy heck, I have no idea as to the number of injuries, but I know there were a ton.  Terrance Bullitt, Beau Carpenter and maybe other players.
  • How we feeling about Kansas St. next week?
  • Almost 500 yards allowed by the defense.
  • I think more than anything else, I am frustrated by Kingsbury's insistence to keep Webb in the game when the offense sputters more times than not.  Maybe Mayfield and Brewer would struggle as much, but it is like watching Ola Falemi struggle at cornerback.  How long do you stick with a player?  And look, I love all these guys, because they play for Texas Tech, but this is about the play on the field.