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Texas Tech Morning Links | Soccer Advances to 2nd Round; WBB Loses to ASU; Football Links

The soccer team will play Texas A&M in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday. The Lady Raiders lost to Arizona St. on Sunday afternoon. Kennedy Kithuka will run in the NCAA National Championship on Saturday. Football links about Will Smith and Eric Ward.

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Links | I thought it would be a really good idea to get somewhat caught up on all of the sports. With a bye this weekend, I was thinking that the best thing that I could do is ramp up coverage this Wednesday or Thursday for next Thursday's game. It's good to take a step back.

  • Soccer: Here we go. Texas Tech beat Minnesota, 3-0 on Friday night, winning their NCAA Tournament first round game. The DT recaps that game. Texas Tech will face Texas A&M in the second round of the NCAA Tournament in Chapel Hill, N.C. on Friday at 2:30.
  • Women's Basketball: The Lady Raiders lost Arizona St., 85-77. Minta Spears led with 25 points, with Amber Battle adding 15 and Marina Lizarazu adding 18. Lizarazu if from Spain and she's started slowly, but really coming on as of late. The LAJ recaps the game. The Lady Raiders don't get back into action until next Saturday.
  • Tennis: I lost track of this over the weekend, but women's head coach Todd Petty signs two 5-star players. What the heck? Petty has apparently signed two other 5-star players, two of which are on the current team, Kenna Kilgo and Samantha Adams.
  • Cross Country: I mentioned this over the weekend, but deserves better explanation. Kennedy Kithuka won the Mountain Region 10k for the second year in a row, which punched his ticket to the NCAA Cross Country Championship this Saturday in Terra Huate, Indiana.
  • Football:
    • The LAJ has a bit on LB Will Smith, who made 16 tackles on Saturday night, but acknowledges that it doesn't matter all that much since the team gave up 340 yards of rushing offense. Also, the LAJ has their five key developments from the Baylor game.
    • The official site continues to publish these really great articles on Saturday morning and I still don't get why they don't do this during the week. They'd get more eyeballs I think. Anyway, the official site writes about WR Eric Ward and his son and being a father and playing for Texas Tech. It's really good, but I am pretty sure that I missed the ones that they published last Saturday. I remember seeing them, but I can't remember what they are about.
    • The DMN's Tim Cowlishaw wrote about the game and had this to say at the end:
      Kingsbury deserves significant credit for moving his program forward with a freshman walk-on quarterback guiding the offense much of the season. Tech’s day is coming.