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Sunday Open Thread

I'm running behind, so we have to do this.

Ronald Martinez

Hey everyone.  I had all of the intentions of having something written by now, but my kid woke up with a nightmare and I laid down with him to calm him down.  He's been having nightmares since Halloween /shakes fist at Halloween/, so obviously I'm running a bit behind this morning.  Luckily, we will be able to stretch out some things since Texas Tech has a week and a half to get ready for Texas.

I've seen almost all of the game. I just can't believe that this team hands the ball over so much, the stat last night, this is the 8th game this team has handed over 3 turnovers in a game.  If you want to know why Texas Tech is a 4 game skid without watching a second of football, that's it.

The turnovers and the rushing offenses for the opposing teams.  The Texas Tech rush defense is having an incredibly rough go at it.

Still, with everything that happened, Texas Tech gave Baylor a pretty good ride for the better part of the game.